Are you a flatwork pro?

How much do you know about flatwork? Use your knowledge to guide Lucy and her pony, Harry, through their lesson, then find out if you’re as schooling savvy as you think!

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Do you think like a pony?

Are you totally in tune with your fave pony and understand his every thought? Take this quiz to find out...

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Jumping knowledge quiz!

Reckon you’re a jumping guru and know everything there is to know? Test your knowledge with our fab quiz!

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Skin quiz

Do you know all there is to know about your pony’s skin?

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Winter hoofcare quiz!

Check out these seven statements about winter hoofcare and work out if they’re true or false...

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The great PONY general knowledge quiz!

Think you know your stuff? Take our quiz to test your knowledge, and earn bragging rights over your mates!

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Worm watch

How much do you know about worming ponies? Put your knowledge to the test with our mini-quiz!

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Summer hoofcare: sorted!

Summer’s finally here, yay! But remember that hot, dry weather can affect your pony’s hooves. Test your knowledge of summertime hoof care with our mini-quiz and learn how to keep your pony sound all summer long!

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Which celeb rider are you?

Are you a dressage diva like Charlotte or a speed-demon like Scott? Perhaps you’re an adrenalin junkie like William or a pony-whisperer like Emma? Take our quiz to find out which celeb rider you’re most similar to!

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Road riding quiz

Do you know all there is about riding on the road? Take our quiz to find out!

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Bedding quiz

Do you know everything you should about which bedding your pony should have?

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Rugging Quiz

Winter's coming and thoughts turn to keeping our ponies warm and dry!

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Grooming Quiz

Test your grooming knowledge here with our fun quiz!

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Equine teeth quiz

Take our cool quiz here to test your knowledge all about pony's teeth!

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Saddling Up Quiz

Do you know how to correctly saddle up a pony? Find out here!

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Laminitis Quiz

How much do you know about laminitis? Test your knowledge here!

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Quiz! What’s your pony personality?

Take the quiz to find out about your pony’s temperament and discover which pony would be perfect for you!

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Poisonous plants quiz

Do you know all there is to know?

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Saddle cleaning quiz

Is your saddle sparkling-clean? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

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Leg work quiz!

Do you know how to use your legs effectively? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

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Be a jumping know-all!

Think you're a jumping guru? We’ve got a super-hard quiz for you here – all about showjumping history. Give it a try!

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Simon says quiz!

Think you're a pony whisperer? Take our quiz to find out!

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