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This Esme Yearbook 2022
Chestnut pony stood in field

The big pony health quiz

Do you know what to look for in a healthy pony and how to treat common problems? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

What should a healthy pony’s temperature be?

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Where do you take your pony’s temperature from?

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When your pony’s resting, how many breaths should he take per minute?

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Did you know? When cantering or galloping, your pony takes one breath with each stride.

What heart rate should a healthy pony have at rest?

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Did you know? Pain, fear and excitement can all cause your pony’s heart rate to increase.

Why should you not use your thumb to take your pony’s heart rate?

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What can a poultice be used for?

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Which of these is not a sign of laminitis?

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How often should a pony have his teeth checked and rasped?

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What worms will a worm egg count not pick up?

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The big pony health quiz
Uh oh, pony health isn’t your specialist subject! Don’t panic – we all have to start somewhere and reading through all your old copies of PONY is a great place to start!
You know some stuff, but there’s always room to learn more! Make sure you keep reading horsey books and PONY mags and you’re bound to get full marks before you know it.
You’re a total health guru – have you thought about becoming a vet when you’re older? There’s not much you don’t know about ponies, and all your friends come to you for advice. Good work!

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