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Summer hoofcare: sorted!

Summer’s finally here, yay! But remember that hot, dry weather can affect your pony’s hooves. Test your knowledge of summertime hoof care with our mini-quiz and learn how to keep your pony sound all summer long!

Why is it important to make sure your pony doesn’t eat too much rich grass in the summer?

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Your pony may think that the long, thick grass is delicious, but it’s important to restrict the amount he can eat! Really rich grass can make him too fat and can cause the blood vessels in his hooves to constrict, leading to laminitis. It’s best to turn him out in a well-grazed field.

What extra precaution should you take before going for a canter in the summer?

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It’s great fun to have a good canter in the sunshine! Taking the time to check that the ground is suitable means that your pony can have just as much fun as you do. Avoid cantering on very hard ground as this can bruise the soles of his feet and jar his legs.

How can you keep your pony’s hooves healthy during the summer?

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Sometimes your pony’s hooves will need a bit of extra TLC to keep them strong and healthy. There are lots of moisturising hoof conditioners that you can apply to the walls of his feet – ask your farrier what he would recommend for your pony and how regularly you should apply it.

How often should your pony be shod in the summer?

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Some ponies have really strong hooves and don’t need to have their shoeing routine changed at all in the summer, but some need to be shod more often as their feet can grow more quickly or wear unevenly. Regular attention from your farrier also means that any cracks can be caught and treated early.

How can you adjust your pony’s feed to improve the quality of his hooves?

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Ask your farrier if he thinks your pony would benefit from a special hoof supplement containing additional amino acids, vitamins and minerals to promote healthy hooves. Supplements containing biotin can help your pony’s hooves grow stronger.

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