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Five things you didn’t know about palominos

Is your fave pony a palomino? Whether you own one or just think they’re gorgeous, you’ll love our fun facts about palominos! Read Article

Make a rosette cake

Turn your party into a real winner with this fun bake! Read Article

British breeds: Dales

Join PONY on a trip to the north of England as we meet the fab and flashy Dales pony! Read Article

British Breeds: Highland Pony

We’re off to the north of Scotland to meet the mega Highland pony! Read Article


Do you have the guts to gallop down the pitch fighting off the opposition? Polocrosse could be for you! Read Article

Side saddle

Side saddle is the traditional way ladies used to ride horses, but it still exists today. Find out all about it! Read Article

British breeds: New Forest Pony

We venture south to meet the talented New Forest pony Read Article

Make Casper cookies with This Esme

Look at these adorable iced biscuits. They’re super-easy to make, too. Read Article

20 ways to get your pony fix

Keep your life packed full of all things pony Read Article

Pony Christmas decorations make

Create these super-cute pony tree decs from gingerbread Read Article

7 signs you’re the pony-mad one at school

If you can relate to any of these, you’re definitely pony obsessed! Read Article

July PONY puzzle page answers

Have you had a go at our super-fun puzzle page in July PONY?! Check your answers here… Read Article

June PONY Puzzles answer sheet

There are loads of fun puzzles in June PONY to keep you entertained! Check your answers here. Read Article

Make pony cookies

Surprise your friends at the yard with cookies that look exactly like their ponies! Read Article

How to make a pony purse

Keep your money safe in this super-cute pony purse! Read Article

How to make origami pony bookmarks!

Never lose your page with these super-cute pony bookmarks! Why not make a whole herd? Read Article

Pony colouring downloads

Check out our awesome horsey colouring pictures, available for you to download and print at home! Read Article

Spring PONY puzzles answer sheet

Put your brain to the test with our mini challenges in Spring PONY mag! Do you need to check your ... Read Article

Horse vaulting

Are you a pony-mad dancing diva? Why not give equestrian vaulting a go! Read Article

British Breeds – Welsh pony

Venture west and meet the pretty and popular Welsh pony! Read Article

How to draw a horse’s head

Welcome to the wonderful world of drawing horses! Follow our step-by-step guide on how to draw a horse's head. Read Article

Unicorn surprise cupcakes

They’re super-cute, fun to make and taste yummy, too Read Article

February PONY puzzles answer sheet

Have you tested your pony knowledge? Read Article

Pony Annual cushion template

Fancy making the cushion we showed you in May PONY magazine? Download the template here! Read Article

Riding school directory

Riding schools are awesome because they’re where most of us will have had our first taste of sitting on a ... Read Article

The PONY Poll

Thank you for voting in the PONY poll! Read Article

Pony teasers answers

Need the answers to the PONY May quizzes? Read Article

How to take a digital pulse

Your pony has a digital pulse all the time, but it’s not easy to find unless there’s a problem. Read Article

Have a go at trec

Are you looking to have a go at something new with your pony! Why not try your hand at trec? Read Article

Native breeds quiz answers

How much do you know about native breeds? Here are the answers to Spring PONY's fun quiz Read Article

Horsey schools

Going to a school with riding facilities is an amazing opportunity to combine your studies with your fave hobby. Milton Abbey pupil, Georgia, lets you in on what a usual school day involves Read Article

Take the perfect pic of your pony

Become a pro photographer and take some snaps of yourself with your pony! Read Article

5 things your pony would say if he could talk!

Ever wondered what your fave pony wishes he could say to you? Read on to find out! Read Article

Stable toy quiz

Which stable toy suits your fave pony best? Take our quiz to find out Read Article

Points of the pony quiz answers

How well do you know the points of the pony? Read Article

PONY’s quiz of the year answers

Have you been paying attention to what’s been going on in the horsey world this year? Read Article

Make a pony heat pack

Stay warm and cosy with this fun pony heat pack Read Article

Laminitis quiz

How much do you know about this painful condition? Read Article

Summer sizzler crossword answers

Download the quiz answers here! Read Article

Make pony treats

These super-scrummy snacks are the perfect treat for your fave pony Read Article

Make chocolate cornflake horse poo cakes

You’ll need…  100g cornflakes (or rice crispies)  50g butter  4 tablespoons golden syrup  125g chocolate (milk or dark)  cupcake cases ... Read Article

DIY Gymkhana score sheet

Taking part in a gymkhana is loads of fun, especially if you come home with a rosette. You can recreate some classic gymkhana games at home and keep track of your score with this score sheet. Read Article

21 pony probs

There are some problems that only pony-mad people understand Read Article

Pony codebreaker

Had trouble cracking the code to get the password and help Duggie break into the feed room in April PONY? Here’s the code to help you out… Read Article

Make a pony pen pot

Design yourself a super-cute pony pot to hold all your stationery! Read Article

Strides for success – extra stride guide!

Did you read our Strides for Success feature in February PONY magazine? Find out what distances you need to set the exercises up at depending on the size of your pony! Read Article

Plan the ultimate pony sleepover!

Want to plan the ultimate PONY sleepover? Check out our top tips in December PONY magazine, on sale now. Read Article

Make a pony cushion!

Learn how to make a super-cute pony cushion for your bedroom! Read Article

All about the Shetland Pony Grand National!

Ever wondered just how the jockeys and ponies of the Shetland Pony Grand National do it? Read Article

Pony stable name plate template

Want to make your own stable name plate as seen in September PONY mag? Download the template here! Read Article

PONY Christmas make template

Did you see the super-cool pony decoration make in January PONY magazine? Download your template here, and find out how to blanket stitch like a pro with our guide. Read Article

Let it snow answers

Check your answers to our fab wintery puzzles in the January issue of the mag! Read Article

Pony mind reading worksheet

Can your fave pony read your mind? Check out our worksheet to increase the mind meld between you and your favourite pony! Read Article

Vauxhall City Farm

Team PONY paid a visit to Vauxhall City Farm in London to meet their furry friends! Read Article

10 things only horse and pony people know…

Check out our list of 10 things only horse and pony people know... Can you add any of your own? Read Article

Fantasy horses!

Which of these fantasy horses and their people appeal to you the most? Choose one (don’t deliberate for too long, it should be an instant reaction) then see what your choice tells you about you and your horsey dreams and wishes! Read Article

Test your bond!

Have you ever wondered just how in-tune you are with your pony, or favourite riding school pony? Well now you can try our easy experiments to find out. Why not swap results with other PONY readers? Read Article

Shetland Pony Club

Find out all about the ponies in The Shetland Pony Club! Read Article

Hallowe’en Pumpkins

Take a look at some of the best halloween pumpkins created by PONY readers! Read Article

How wild is your pony?

You might think that your pony doesn't have anything in common with wild animals, but equines still exhibit many traits left over from their wild heritage. Read Article

What’s your pony personality?

Which of these four ponies are you instantly drawn to? Don’t think about it – just pick the one that appeals to you most, in a split second! Read Article

Meet Twiggy, the orphan foal!

Meet Twiggy, the miniature orphan foal, and find out what she gets up to with her owner, Caroline! Read Article

Could you give a rescue pony a home?

Could you give a rescue pony a home? World Horse Welfare's Chief Field Officer David Boyd explains how you could do just that! Read Article

Marvellous Mary King!

Mary King is an eventing LEGEND! We asked her some quickfire questions to find out more... Read Article

Skill at arms

Riding with a lance like a knight? Sound good? Well, read on then to find out all about skill at arms! Read Article

Fancy trying your hand at pony racing?

Team PONY were lucky enough to be at the Charles Owen Racecourse series pony racing finals. Thrilling is the only word for pony racing,see for yourself... Read Article

Horseball – the new horsey sport for you!

Horseball is fast, furious and great fun, so why not give it a go? There are clubs all over the UK! Read Article

Super Shetlands!

Eva Roemaat’s Shetland pony Flip is a bit of a star. But don’t take our word for it… Read Article

Gypsy Caravans

Love Gypsy caravans? Check out our gallery! Read Article

The Breed A-Z – The ultimate guide to pony breeds

Horses are a widely varied species with hundreds of different breeds, ranging from the small and hairy to the large and sleek. Different breeds are also often considered good at various activities. You rarely see Shetlands eventing, or Clydesdales doing gymkhana games! Physical appearance differs too, such as conformation and colour descriptions. Read Article

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