Awesome rug guide

Find out which turnout rug your pony needs Read Article

How to put a rug on your pony

Can you put a rug on correctly? Our fab how-to guide has all you need to know Read Article

Positive thinking

The power of positive thinking will help you achieve your horsey dreams. Here’s how to make it happen! Read Article

Teach your pony to push a ball with Emma Massingale

A fun game for your to play with your pony Read Article

The fun factor with Emma Massingale

Emma Massingale shows you how to build an awesome partnership with your fave pony Read Article

Declare war on flies

Do flies drive your pony mad? Find out how to tackle them once and for all Read Article

Not-so-moody mares

Do you have a moody mare? Follow our simple steps to keep her happy and relaxed! Read Article

Which clip?

Check out the most common types of clips for your pony Read Article

Teach your pony to lead politely

Check out our handy hints for teaching your pony to lead politely Read Article

Daily checks for your pony

These simple daily checks are super-important and will help you spot if there are any problems Read Article

Winter necessities: stable-kept ponies

If your fave pony lives in during winter, find out how to keep him happy Read Article

British native breeds

Do you know all the British native breeds? Find out more about them and where they’re from Read Article

Tacking up essentials

Ace tacking up your fave pony every time with this easy-to-follow guide! Read Article

Winter necessities: field-kept ponies

Does your fave pony live out? Here’s how to keep him in tip-top condition this winter Read Article

Safe travels

Make sure your pony’s kitted out in all the correct travel gear when you hit the road Read Article

Earn your pony’s trust

Gain your fave pony’s trust and your bond will be stronger than ever! Read Article


Wherever you’re taking your pony, it’s important to know how to load him safely. Follow our guide to get it right every time! Read Article

Putting a bridle together

Put your fave pony’s bridle back together like a pro every time Read Article

Can you speak pony?

As pony lovers, it’s our responsibility to ensure we understand his body language to spot when he’s unhappy or stressed before he shows it in other ways, such as biting, kicking or bucking. Read Article

13 steps to a spotless yard

Fed up with a messy yard? Follow our guide to get it looking fab in no time at all Read Article

Easily led

Find out how to lead your pony correctly in-hand Read Article

Home sweet home

Stable or field – what’s right for your pony? We investigate the advantages and disadvantages of both Read Article

Speed up your yard chores!

Want to get your chores done in double-time so you have more time riding? Follow our tips to find out how! Read Article

How to be a good trainer

Equine behaviour consultant, Anna Saillet, explains what qualities make a good trainer and gives her top tips on how to achieve them Read Article

10 top travel tips!

Do you know how to travel your pony safely and properly? You need to! It is very important that you know how to be safe and efficient when taking your horse anywhere. Read Article

Time-saving tips

Want more time to spend in the saddle? Who doesn't! Team PONY give you some top tips to speed up our chores. Read Article

Boot up!

Confused by the huge variety of boots for ponies out there? Read our article to find out what you should be looking out for. Read Article

Putting on a tail bandage

Here's the ultimate guide to putting on a tail bandage! Read Article

Top tips for coping with a horse who’s scared by fireworks!

Learn how to keep your fave pony safe and happy on Guy Fawkes night! Read Article

Top tack tips!

Want sparkling tack? Read our top tips from top grooms! Read Article

Heads up!

Is your riding hat the perfect fit? Here are some easy ways to find out! Read Article

How to… roll a leadrope!

Always wondered how to make the perfect rolled-up leadrope? We'll show you how! Read Article

Winter top tips!

Up your skills with our winter top tips. Are you ready for winter? When the temperature drops both you and your pony need to ensure you're ready for the cold spell. Here's a checklist............. Read Article

Clipping Tips

November issue of PONY magazine shows you the clips, the why's and the style for clipping your pony - but now get the checklist.... Read Article

Pony Club Camp Checklist

Pony Club Camp only comes round once a year and it's just about the most fun filled week you can have with your pony... Read Article

Tack cleaning extra! 10 tack cleaning top tips!

Hate cleaning tack? Read our guide to make it easier – your tack will be shining in no time! Read Article

Cleaning synthetic tack

Did you catch our tack cleaning features in the July and August PONY? But what if you have synthetic tack? Worry no more, here are some ideas to keep them spick and span. Read Article

Pros and cons of owning a field-kept pony

Does your fave pony live out all year round? Here are a few of the pros and cons of looking after a field-kept pony! Read Article

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