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Master of bits

Have a go at our fun quiz to test whether you know what different bits are used for, and how to fit them correctly.

Which bit can help you to steer a young or green pony?

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This bit stays steady in your pony’s mouth, so it’s a good one for an inexperienced rider to use. What’s it called?

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Which of these mouthpieces isn’t allowed in dressage comps?

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Most bits are made of metal, but which one is more likely to encourage your pony to salivate when he’s wearing it?

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Which type of mouthpiece is known to have a ‘nutcracker’ effect on your pony?

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What are the names of the two bits on a double bridle?

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How can you work out whether a bit’s the right length for your pony?

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Master of bits
0-2 correct
Looks like you have some brushing up to do before you become a bitting pro! Why not ask your instructor to teach you about different types of bits and what they do – it’ll be handy to know if you ever want to get your Pony Club bitting badge!
3-5 correct
Not bad! You know a few things about different types of bits but there’s still some room for improvement. When you’re at your yard or riding school, take note if you spot a type of bit you’ve never seen before and look up how it works later!
6-7 correct
Wow – you must really know your stuff when it comes to bitting! You have tons of know-how on different types of bits and are ready to answer questions about them in your Pony Club tests. Keep up the good work!

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