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This Esme with Casper and Mickey

Which This Esme’s equine is your dream match?

I love all my equines equally, but which one would be ideal for you? Follow these questions to reveal your perfect pairing

What kind of equine is right for you?

What do you love doing most?

Cheeky or well behaved?

Your ideal pony afternoon is...

Do you have a well-stocked tack room?

Do you love keeping your equine super-clean?

Favourite colour?

Do you mind a spooky pony

How do you feel about pony cuddles?

Big or little?

Which This Esme's equine is your dream match?

This Esme and Casper

This cheeky boy is ideal for you. He may be a little spooky at times, but Casp is perfect to learn how much fun riding can be. He loves XC schooling, is young and full of energy, what more could you wish for in a pony?
The donkeys

This Esme and the donkeys

It looks like you're after some low-key equines, and these guys are the calmest trio you'll ever find. They're super-easy to care for, and they love nothing more than a good cuddle. They may be the oldest and the smallest equines we own, but they're definitely good at making their presence known. They would deliver heaps of fun, and who could resist those cute faces?

This Esme and Mickey

If you're looking for a slower pace, you've come to the right place. This gorgeous boy is perfect for a new rider as he's SO patient and gentle. Don't think that makes him boring though, because Mickey is the world's funniest pony.

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