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Saddling Up Quiz

Do you know how to correctly saddle up a pony? Find out here!

Before you start saddling up your stirrup irons should be:

Run up on the leathers

Hanging down, ready for when you mount later

Crossed over the saddle

You should start by placing the saddle:

In the middle of the horses back, you can then slide it backwards or forwards as much as you need

High up on the withers so you can slide it backwards slightly into the correct place

Anywhere on the pony’s back

The saddlecloth should be:

Flat against the pony’s withers

Underneath the pony’s belly

Tucked up into the arch of the saddle

The girth should be fastened via:

The first two straps

The two outside straps or the 2nd and 3rd strap

You only need to fasten one strap

You should do the girth up:

Very tightly straight away – you don’t want the saddle slipping off!

Very loosely then tighten it after you have got on

Loosely to begin with then tighten it up just before you mount

It is best to put the saddle on:

After the bridle, just before you are ready to mount

Before the bridle, to allow it to warm up and for your pony’s back to settle

Very first thing, before grooming your pony

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