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Quiz! What’s your pony personality?

Take the quiz to find out about your pony’s temperament and discover which pony would be perfect for you!

Analyse your pony!
1. Is your pony, or riding school pony…
A: … like a fairy horse with thin legs, a fine head and alert expression?
B: … inclined to fall asleep during lessons?
C: … always escaping from the field or stable?

2. When you ride your pony or school pony, do you…
A: … dare not touch his sides for fear of him breaking into a canter?
B: … have to nag him to keep going, even in walk?
C: … have to make sure you don’t drift off into a dream, or he’ll eat grass.

3. When you groom your pony or school pony, do you…
A: … have to take care because he’s ticklish on his tummy and legs?
B: … have trouble getting a brush through his mane and tail?
C: … have to keep the grooming kit away from him, or he kicks it all over the yard?

Analyse yourself!

1. Which would be your perfect pony to ride?
A: A pony who is steady, and predictable.
B: A pony who is smart, but not very big and quite cuddly.
C: A forward-going pony with a quick brain.

2. How would you describe your riding experience?
A: I’m a beginner, and a little nervous.
B: I’ve been riding for a while and looking for more of a challenge.
C: I’m an experienced rider and looking to improve my riding and experience.

3. If you were an animal, which of these animals would you be?
A: A rabbit. I’m a bit wary of new things.
B: A ferret – I’m cheeky and up for anything!
C: A kangaroo – all bouncy and raring to go!

The verdict!

Analyse your pony!
Mostly As: Your pony is definitely a hot-blood! He has all the characteristics.
Mostly Bs: Your pony sounds like a cold-blood, and they are great ponies to love and learn on.
Mostly Cs: If your pony isn’t a full native, he probably has a lot of native blood in him!

Analyse yourself!
Mostly As: You would be well suited to a lovely cold-blooded pony, until you are more experienced.
Mostly Bs: It sounds as though a native pony would be perfect for you. Enjoy!
Mostly Cs: A hot-blood is definitely your sort of thing. Go for the challenge!

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