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Jumping knowledge quiz!

Reckon you’re a jumping guru and know everything there is to know? Test your knowledge with our fab quiz!

You’re getting your pony ready for a showjumping lesson. What tack should he be wearing?

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When approaching a fence, where should you be looking?

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What are the five stages of a jump?

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Your friend wants to enter a cross-country competition, what safety gear should she wear?

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How many strides are there between fences in a double?

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When warming your pony up at a showjumping competition, what type of fence should you start with?

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Why should you shorten your stirrups when jumping?

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Your pony’s hot and puffing after your jumping session. What should you do?

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You’re having a showjumping lesson and your pony spooks and refuses at a scary filler. What should you do?

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Jumping knowledge quiz!
More practice needed
Take a look back at the jumping features in old issues of PONY for our top tips and advice. You’ll be a total jumping guru in no time.
So close
You’re nearly there, and with a bit more practice you’ll soon be flying those fences. There’s lots of ways you can brush up on your skills – ask your instructor or more experienced friends for advice, and revisit your old issues of PONY.
Foot perfect
Well done, you’re a total jumping pro! You really know your stuff and you’re the person friends come to when they need some jumping advice – keep up the good work!

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