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Jumping knowledge quiz!

Reckon you’re a jumping guru and know everything there is to know? Test your knowledge with our fab quiz!

1. You’re getting your pony ready for a showjumping lesson. What tack should he be wearing?

A) A dressage saddle and double bridle
B) A GP or jumping saddle and some boots to protect his legs
C) It doesn’t really matter what saddle he’s wearing, but he needs a super-strong bit

2. When approaching a fence, where should you be looking?

A) Up and over the other side of the fence
B) Down at where you want your pony to take off
C) At your pony’s feet so you can count how many strides he’s taking

3. What are the five stages of a jump?

A) Approach, take off, flight, landing, run off
B) Getting ready, beginning, middle, end, getaway
C) Approach, take off, moment of suspension, landing, getaway

4. Your friend wants to enter a cross-country competition, what safety gear should she wear?

A) An up-to-standard skull cap and body protector, gloves and long-sleeved top
B) An up-to-standard hat with a peak, a body protector, long-sleeved top and gloves
C) Just a hat and gloves is fine

5. How many strides are there between fences in a double?

A) Doubles can be any distance apart, they just have to be in a straight line
B) At least five
C) No more than two

6. When warming your pony up at a showjumping competition, what type of fence should you start with?

A) A big spread to make sure he’s ready for the tricky course ahead
B) A simple cross-pole, as it’ll help guide you towards the centre of the fence and is inviting to jump
C) You don’t need to jump before you go in, the first fence of the course is the best warm-up

7. Why should you shorten your stirrups when jumping?

A) To help you keep your balance over and between fences while you’re in the jumping position
B) To make you taller in the saddle so you can see the fence better over your pony’s head
C) You don’t need to shorten them unless you’re learning to jump

8. Your pony’s hot and puffing after your jumping session. What should you do?

A) Walk him around on a long rein, making sure to loosen your girth a bit, too
B) Jump straight off to go and find some water to wash him off with – he’ll be cool in no time
C) Take him back to his stable so he can catch his breath while you make his dinner

9. You’re having a showjumping lesson and your pony spooks and refuses at a scary filler. What should you do?

A) Get cross with him and give him a sharp tap with your whip to let him know he’s been naughty
B) Approach the fence again – ride positively, look up and over the fence and have your legs wrapped firmly around his sides
C) Refuse to jump any more fences with fillers –you’re clearly not ready to for them

How did you do?

Answers:  1. B  2. A  3. C  4. A  5. C  6. B  7. A  8. A  9. B

0–4 More practice needed

Take a look back at the jumping features in old issues of PONY for our top tips and advice. You’ll be a total jumping guru in no time.

5–7 So close

You’re nearly there, and with a bit more practice you’ll soon be flying those fences. There’s lots of ways you can brush up on your skills – ask your instructor or more experienced friends for advice, and revisit your old issues of PONY.

8–9 Foot perfect

Well done, you’re a total jumping pro! You really know your stuff and you’re the person friends come to when they need some jumping advice – keep up the good work!

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