Bedding quiz

Do you know everything you should about which bedding your pony should have?

Everyone likes a comfy bed – and ponies are no exception. But which bedding is perfect for you pony? See how well you can do.

What do you need to do regularly if your pony has rubber matting in sections in their stable?

Put socks on your pony

Cover the matting in straw

Clean the floor below


What is white wood fibre made from?

White chocolate

Recycled white wood



When is straw not good for?

Bedding ponies with allergies or respiratory problems

Feeding your pony

Being dusty


Which big word describes shredded paper or cardboard bedding?





Why is it important to only use woodchippings/shavings that are produced for animal bedding?

Waste from other sources can include big blocks of wood or splinters

It’s cheaper

They are less dusty


Which qualities do wood pellets hold?

Colourful, sparkly and fun

Lightweight, squishy and warm

Dust free, absorbent and environmentally friendly


What is chopped rape straw made from?

Oilseed rape plants




Why should hemp be dampened before use?

Otherwise it can be itchy

Hemp can cause colic if eaten

Ponies won’t lie down on it


What is mucking out?

Daily removal of all soiled and wet bedding

Picking up a few poos from your ponys stable

Putting new bedding on top of the mess your pony has made


What is the sign of a good deep litter bed?

Your pony sleeps all night on it

It has banks as big as your pony and they sink in when they stand on it

It is dry and doesn’t smell


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