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Laminitis Quiz

How much do you know about laminitis? Test your knowledge here!

It’s super-important to know all about laminitis, so you can help protect your pony against this painful disease. But would you be able to spot the warning signs, or take the right steps to reduce the risk of your fave pony suffering from it? Find out by taking our true or false quiz…

Laminitis quiz

1. Keeping your pony at a healthy weight can help reduce the risk of laminitis.

2. Your pony has a digital pulse in his jaw that may beat strongly if he has laminitis.

3. Laminitis can also be triggered by doing too much trotting and cantering on hard ground.

4. Once your vet has seen your pony he can go back out in his paddock.

5. If your pony has had laminitis once, he won't be able to get it again.

6. If you think your pony has laminitis, there’s no need to call the vet immediately.

7. In 90% of cases, laminitis occurs because the pony has another health condition.

8. Laminitis can happen at any time of the year.

9. It’s fine to give your pony sugary feeds, even if he’s prone to laminitis.

10. The disease causes damage to sensitive structures inside your pony’s feet.

11. Even if your pony doesn’t want to move, you should lead him into his stable.

12. Laminitis only affects native breeds.

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