Grooming Quiz

Test your grooming knowledge here with our fun quiz!

Grooming Quiz

The most important part of grooming is…

Brushing your pony’s tail

Putting hoof oil on

Picking out your pony’s hooves


Which of these brushes should be used on your pony’s face?

Body brush

Metal curry comb

Nothing, you don’t need to include the face when grooming


Which of these is best for getting mud off your pony?

Cactus cloth

Dandy brush

Body brush


How should you keep your body brush clean when grooming your pony?

Wipe it on your jodphurs after every few strokes

Dip it in your pony’s water bucket

Draw it along a metal curry comb every few strokes, then tap the metal curry comb on the ground to


Which of these brushes should you not use on your pony’s mane?

Plastic curry comb

Mane comb

Body brush


Which of these will help you get your pony’s white bits gleaming?

Coat conditioner


Mane and tail conditioner

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