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Pony being groomed

Are you a grooming guru?

Do you know everything there is to know about grooming? Test your knowledge by helping Jasmine get Monty ready

Jasmine’s not got a lot of time before her lesson, but Monty’s come in from the field covered in mud. What should she do?

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What equipment does Jasmine need to pick out Monty’s feet?

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Monty’s mane is starting to look a little long and Jasmine decides she wants to smarten him up. When’s the best time to pull his mane?

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Next Jasmine decides to use a dandy brush. What should she use it for?

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How many times a day should Jasmine pick out Monty’s feet?

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Next, Jasmine takes a metal curry comb from her grooming kit. What does she use it for?

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Roughly how long should it take Jasmine to give Monty a full groom?

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What’s the piece of grooming kit is in this picture?

Sweat scraper, grooming tool
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Next, Jasmine needs to detangle Monty’s mane and tail. What shouldn’t she use?

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To finish, a friend suggests Jasmine uses a stable rubber, but what is it?

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Grooming Quiz
It looks like you need to brush up on your grooming know-how, but with some practice you’ll have it nailed in no time. There are loads of books that can help you, and check out PONY mag for fab grooming tips.
You’ve clearly been working hard to improve your knowledge and you know your mane comb from your curry comb, but there’s still a little way to go.
When people have a grooming-related question, you’re the person they always ask. Your pony’s known for being the cleanest on the yard and you’re often found spending the day with a brush in your hand, giving him a perfect pamper sesh!

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