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The great PONY general knowledge quiz!

Think you know your stuff? Take our quiz to test your knowledge, and earn bragging rights over your mates!

1. On what colour of pony are melanomas most commonly found?

2. What side should you mount, dismount and lead a horse from?

3. Who is the only rider to have won the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing?

4. How many penalties would you get for a first refusal cross-country?

5. On which horse did Scott Brash win Team Gold in the 2012 Olympics?

6. What is the smallest breed of pony?

7. How many stages to a jump are there?

8. What is a pelham?

9. What is a crupper?

10. What is the difference between a mule and a hinny?

11. Why might you use overreach boots?

12. What is a trakehner fence?

13. What is Valegro’s stable name?

14. What breed of horse has one fewer pair of ribs than other breeds?

15. What year was the first Badminton?

16. Which rider completed Badminton with only one stirrup?

17. Which combination won Burghley three times in a row?

18. Where are a pony’s blind spots?

19. Which breed of horse is nicknamed the Golden Horse due to their shiny coats?

20. What breed are racehorses?

21. What is the point between a pony’s ears called?

22. What point do you measure a pony’s height from?

23. What colour ribbon should a pony wear in his tail if he kicks?

24. What breed of horse is closely associated with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna?

25. On which part of a pony’s body might you find a splint?

26. How many inches are in a hand?

27. How do you determine a pony’s age?

26. Who rode the famous horse, Milton?

29. Name the well-known yellow plant that is poisonous to ponies.

30. What is a dorsal stripe?



1. Grey
2. The left – although you should be able to get on and off from both sides just in case of emergency
3. Pippa Funnell
4. 20
5. Hello Sanctos
6. Falabella
7. Five
8. A bit
9. A piece of tack used to stop a saddle slipping forwards
10. A mule has a donkey father and a horse mother. A hinny has a horse father and donkey mother
11. They are used to protect a pony’s heels from over-reaching injuries (when his hind hoof strike the back of his front feet)
12. A XC fence with a ditch beneath a rail
13. Blueberry
14. Arabs
15. 1949
16. Mark Todd
17. Andrew Nicholson and Avebury
18. Directly in front and behind him
19. Akhal Teke
20. Thoroughbreds
21. Poll
22. Withers
23. Red
24. Lipizzaners
25. Leg
26. Four
27. By assessing his teeth
28. John Whitaker
29. Ragwort
30. A stripe down the centre of a pony’s back, along his spine


How did you do?

0-10 correct
Uh oh, you might need to brush up on your horsey general knowledge! Make a start by reading up on all those old PONY magazines you have lying around, then try our quiz again!


11-20 correct
You’re pretty good on pony general knowledge, but you still have a fair amount to read up on. Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll be a pony boffin before you know it.


21-30 correct
Wowzer – you’re a true pony genius! If anyone has a pony-related question, you’re the person to ask. It must be all those PONY mags you’ve read over the years – good work!

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