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field-kept pony

Pony Likit personality quiz – outdoor pony

Which toy’s perfect for your fave pony?

Is your pony a socialiser or sunbather?

Mud lover or loather?

Playful or laidback?

Speedy Gonzales or Steady Eddie?

Scaredy-cat or brave lion?

Pony Likit personality quiz - outdoor pony
Playful Pony

Your pony’s sociable and loves to play, so the Snak-a-Ball will keep him busy whether he’s in or out.
Cool Customer

Your pony is happy with his own company and loves a quieter life. The Paddock Likit will help keep him topped up with essential vitamins and minerals.
Sensitive Soul

Your pony’s a bit of a sensitive type, and is known to spook at his own shadow. Ease him in gently with the Tongue Twister.
Easy Going

Your pony’s a confident type who loves a challenge. Keep him entertained with the Likit Holder, which can easily be upgraded with the Boredom Buster.

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