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This Esme Yearbook 2022
Horse in lungeing tack

Weird tack quiz

Have you ever come across a weird item of tack and not known what it was? Now’s the time to test your knowledge!

What’s a Weymouth bit?

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What would you use a crupper for?

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What are roundings?

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Where would you fit a sausage boot and what’s it used for?

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You’ve probably heard of a running and a standing martingale, but what’s an Irish martingale?

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What’s the bit in the picture below called?

Cheltenham gag bit
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What’s a lungeing cavesson, and what would you use it for?

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What’s the difference between a breastplate and a breastgirth?

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What’s a poll guard and when would you use it?

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What is a bradoon?

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