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Phew, it's a super-hot summer! Can you help Clara look after Squidge in the heat?

Clara has had a great ride this morning, but Squidge is hot and sweaty. What should she do?

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Clara's friend has invited her to go cross-country schooling, but she's worried that the ground is too hard. Should she...

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Wow, the weather's set to be super-hot for the next week. When's the best time for Clara to exercise Squidge?

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How can Clara help keep Squidge cool?

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How can Clara test if Squidge might be dehydrated?

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The trough in Squidge's field has turned green, what should Clara do?

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Squidge is moving to a new field, what does Clara need to check?

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Why is it super-important to poo-pick Squidge's field?

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There's loads of flies around today, which are really bothering Squidge. What can Clara do to help protect him?

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A hot topic
Don't worry, there were a few tricky questions in this quiz. Keep reading PONY and you'll be a summer pony care pro in no time!
You're super close to being an expert on pony care. Keep it up and you'll soon be impressing everyone with your knowledge.
You clearly know your stuff and successfully helped Clara look after Squidge. You're the resident yard expert and can always be relied on to help out others when they're unsure. Well done!

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