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Be a jumping know-all!

Think you're a jumping guru? We’ve got a super-hard quiz for you here – all about showjumping history. Give it a try!

Scroll down for the answers! (No peeking, now)

1. Showjumping classes first began in Great Britain in which date? They also included classes for ladies riding side saddle (imagine!).

A. 1721
B. 1884
C. 1921

2. Before a certain instructor realised that using a forward jumping seat enabled the horse to jump higher and the rider to be more comfortable, riders just sat back with long stirrups. What was the name of this forward-thinking riding instructor?

A. Colonel Justin Mandolin
B. Captain Frederico Caprilli
C. Major Blake Oxer

3. The first major showjumping competition was held in England in 1907. But where was it held?

A. Wembley
B. The O2 Arena
C. Olympia

4. In 1925, a society to administer and govern showjumping in Great Britain was started. What was it called?

A. The British Show Jumping Society.
B. The Society for British Show Jumping
C. The British Show Jumping Association.

5. Early show jumps (or stadium jumps, as they were known) were mainly a single pole. These soon developed into the jumps we know now with fillers and wings. But do you know why?

A. The horses used to duck under the pole, instead of jumpng it.
B. The riders couldn’t judge where to ask their horses to take off.
C. The horses often crashed through the poles, as they found them difficult to see.

How did you do in our jumping quiz?

Here are the answers!

1. B

2. B

3. C

4. C

5. A

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