PONY the Annual 2022
Riding a dressage test

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Georgie and Cracker have entered their first dressage comp. Can you help them impress the judge?

Georgie’s decided to enter a Prelim test. What will this include?

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To help her prepare for her test, Georgie’s been brushing up on the rules of dressage. Which of these isn’t allowed?

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Georgie’s learned her test, but she’s worried she won’t remember it on the day. What can she do?

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Georgie and Cracker have warmed up and are ready to go. What should she remember to do before she goes in to ride her test?

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Georgie rides into the competition arena for her turn, but when can she start her test?

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Half-way through the test the judge rings the bell again. What does this mean?

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Georgie’s worked out she went right instead of left, so she corrects herself. Her next movement is free walk. What does this mean?

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Georgie has to ride a transition to trot at C. When should she make the change of pace?

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After halting at the end of her test Georgie needs to remember to salute the judge. How should she do this?

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Yay, Georgie scored 62%, which is amazing for a first attempt. She’s noticed that as well as being given a score for each movement, there’s an extra box of marks for her riding and Cracker’s paces. What are these called?

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Enter at A
1-4 correct!
You’ve got a bit of brushing up to do before you’re a dressage diva, but don’t worry. Why don’t you go along to a few shows and watch some friends perform their tests – you’ll learn loads!
5-7 correct!
You know a few things about this discipline, and you’re very nearly a dressage ace! Keep reading PONY mag, and you’ll pick up lots of awesome tips that’ll give you all the extra knowledge you need.
8-10 correct
Wow, when it comes to dressage you really know your stuff! You should be out there competing with Georgie and Cracker – you’re sure to get an awesome score.

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