My Pony Park

Design your very own park paradise for prancing ponies!


Ponies in the City

What's your inner pony like? Play the game and find out!


PONY Christmas pairs!

It's that magical time of year! Match PONY ponies to their pairs in PONY Christmas Pairs. Go!


Duggie’s Dash!

Can you get Duggie to the hay rack before Soloman?


Poo Pick Party!

Stop your paddock from filling up with dung and stop the bots from laying eggs on your pony.


Pony Jumps Clear – free from PONY magazine!

Download now on iPad, iPod and iPhone plus on your Android tablets or phone!


The Blue Cross ponies need your help!

Help the Blue Cross ponies find their pairs. You're working against the clock, so you'll need to be quick!


Chase me Charlie!

It was another sunny day at the stables, and the whole PONY mag team was there


Duggie’s super-speedy steeplechase!

It's almost time for the race, but where's Duggie?


Jorja’s jump off!

Today is the day of the big jumping event. I wonder who has entered the competition?


NAF Off!

Daisy loved spending sunny afternoons in her paddock, gossiping with her best horsey pal, Pepper. That is, until the ponies were attacked by buzzing bugs! Help!


Soloman’s Super Slalom!

It's the day of the big gymkhana! It's time for the bending race - who's that lining up?


My Pony Adventure

Giddy up! Canter along the track on your pony and see how many carrots and other cool stuff you can pick up on the way!

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