February PONY magazine

February 2019

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Winter hoofcare quiz!

Check out these seven statements about winter hoofcare and work out if they’re true or false... Play

Road riding quiz

Do you know all there is about riding on the road? Take our quiz to find out! Play

Which celeb rider are you?

Are you a dressage diva like Charlotte or a speed-demon like Scott? Perhaps you’re an adrenalin junkie like William or a pony-whisperer like Emma? Take our quiz to find out which celeb rider you’re most similar to! Play

Quiz! What’s your pony personality?

Take the quiz to find out about your pony’s temperament and discover which pony would be perfect for you! Play

Equine teeth quiz

Take our cool quiz here to test your knowledge all about pony's teeth! Play

We found a runaway pony!

Sadie and Alice were out hacking one glorious Sunday, when they came across something unexpected Read On

I put ponies before my friends!

Sophia had dreamed of owning her own pony her whole life. But when her dream came true, there were some unexpected consequences Read On

My share pony disaster!

Lucy was super-excited to start sharing a cheeky pony called Sparky. But would things go to plan? Read On

I forgot something important!

Maddy arrives at her favourite show to find out she’s forgotten something very important. Will she be able to carry on without it? Read On

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February PONY magazine

February 2019

Latest Issue

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