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September 2022

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A hot topic

Phew, it's a super-hot summer! Can you help Clara look after Squidge in the heat? Play

Are you a grooming guru?

Do you know everything there is to know about grooming? Test your knowledge by helping Jasmine get Monty ready Play

How well do you know Duke?

Test your knowledge of This Esme's pony Duke to see how you score! Play

Weird tack quiz

Have you ever come across a weird item of tack and not known what it was? Now’s the time to test your knowledge! Play

Which discipline should you try next?

Are you stuck in a riding rut or keen to try new things? Discover what discipline you should try next Play

Real Life Drama: My pony escaped at the beach

Rosie’s Christmas beach ride quickly became a disaster Read On

Real Life Drama: My horse is my saviour!

When Meg started to suffer from anxiety, her horse was the only one who could give her the strength and courage to get her life back. Read On

Real Life Drama: Barred from my riding school for something I didn’t do!

I had been riding at High Farm Riding School for ages before I was allowed to help with the ponies. The new helpers were all overseen by the older helpers, to make sure we knew what to do. Read On

Real Life Drama: My dream event – Ruined!

Becky and Pinqui were both loving every minute of their cross-country round and everything seemed to be going according to plan... Read On

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This Esme 2023 Yearbook
SEP_22_Latest Magazine

September 2022

Latest Issue
This Esme 2023 Yearbook