PONY Magazine - Spring 2024

Spring 2024

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Make a pony pen pot

Design yourself a super-cute pony pot to hold all your stationery! Read On

Make unicorn biscuits!

How to make these super-cute, magical snacks Read On

Make a rosette cake

Turn your party into a real winner with this fun bake! Read On

Willberry Wonder Pony Biscuits

Follow our step-by-step guide to make these adorable biscuits Read On


How well do you know Harlow’s newest member of her herd, Panda? Take our quiz to find out! Play

How well do you know Rolo?

Think you know a lot about Rolo...take our quiz to test your knowledge! Play

Do you think like a pony?

Are you totally in tune with your fave pony and understand his every thought? Take this quiz to find out... Play

Bedding quiz

Do you know everything you should about which bedding your pony should have? Play

Laminitis Quiz

How much do you know about laminitis? Test your knowledge here! Play

Sister Act

Annie knows her older sister Izzy finds her a nuisance, but when a new pony arrives, Izzy needs her sibling’s help more than ever Read On

A battle with bravery

Alexa had to overcome her nerves and worries at her first Pony Club camp Read On

I forgot something important!

Maddy arrives at her favourite show to find out she’s forgotten something very important. Will she be able to carry on without it? Read On

My pony was hijacked!

Polly noticed some changes in her pony, Smurf, as well as strange goings-on around the yard. What she discovered is something she never expected Read On

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PONY Magazine - Spring 2024

Spring 2024

Latest Issue