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December 2019

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The great PONY general knowledge quiz!

Think you know your stuff? Take our quiz to test your knowledge, and earn bragging rights over your mates! Play

Which celeb rider are you?

Are you a dressage diva like Charlotte or a speed-demon like Scott? Perhaps you’re an adrenalin junkie like William or a pony-whisperer like Emma? Take our quiz to find out which celeb rider you’re most similar to! Play

Equine teeth quiz

Take our cool quiz here to test your knowledge all about pony's teeth! Play

Be a jumping know-all!

Think you're a jumping guru? We’ve got a super-hard quiz for you here – all about showjumping history. Give it a try! Play

We found a runaway pony!

Sadie and Alice were out hacking one glorious Sunday, when they came across something unexpected Read On

I went on an African adventure

When Molly lost her confidence after a fall, the last thing she wanted to do was spend a week on a riding holiday... Read On

I’ll never jump again!

Grace had always loved jumping and dreamed of being the next Pippa Funnell, until one day, when her dreams changed forever... Read On

My confidence crisis

Emma loves galloping around the countryside on her loan pony, Smokey, but her love of speed means she struggles to find a hacking partner. Will new girl, Tillie, and her pony, Charlie, be able to keep up? Read On

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PONY December magazine

December 2019

Latest Issue

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