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Road riding quiz

Do you know all there is about riding on the road? Take our quiz to find out!

When should you wear high-vis clothing?

Only when it’s raining or foggy
All the time when you’re hacking on a road
All through the winter, but in the summer it’s bright enough for cars to see you

How many ponies can ride side-by-side?

No more than two – but you should move to single file on busy or narrow roads
You should only ever ride single file
You should always ride with two or three horses side-by-side to stop cars whizzing past

What should you do as a car slows down to pass you?

Stop for a chat to ask them how their day is
Nothing, otherwise you might lose control of your pony
Thank the driver by raising your hand or by nodding and smiling at them

Why do you need to keep an eye on the road surface?

To help keep you focused
For any road markings you need to take note off, plus drain covers or potholes to avoid
To make sure you don’t make eye contact with passing road users

What should you do before you signal to turn left or right?

Shout to your friend to let them know what you’re about to do
Check your girth to make sure it’s tight enough
Look all around and behind you to make sure it’s safe to signal


This quiz is taken from the The open road feature in Spring 2017 PONY magazine – get your copy from the PONY Shop if you haven’t read it!

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