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Do you think like a pony?

Are you totally in tune with your fave pony and understand his every thought? Take this quiz to find out...

You’re out on a hack and your pony suddenly spooks at a plastic bag in the hedge – why?

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You take your pony for a quick schooling session in the arena, which should be fun, so why does he keep napping back to the gate and calling to his friends?

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You arrive late to the yard at dinner time to discover your pony banging his stable door. Why’s he doing this?

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When you go to catch your pony you see him chasing one of his field mates with his ears back. It’s because…

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You’re out hacking with a few of your yard friends and your pony throws in one or two cheeky bucks. Why is he doing this?

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A new pony’s arrived at the yard and is going to be stabled next to your pony. Why do they both squeal when they meet?

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Every time you lead your pony to the field he attempts to drag you to the nearest patch of grass. What’s he doing?

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Do you think like a pony?
Keep practising
You need some more practice to become a mind-reading guru. But don’t worry, though. With the help of PONY mag you’ll be an expert in no time! How about re-reading your old issues for top tips on pony behaviour?
Nearly there!
You’re pretty good at understanding what your pony’s thinking and with a little more practice, you’ll soon be the yard’s resident horse whisperer.
Mind reader
You’re completely in tune with your pony – it’s like you’re part pony! You can almost read his mind, and seem to know what he’s thinking before he does.

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