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Do you think like a pony?

Are you totally in tune with your fave pony and understand his every thought? Take this quiz to find out...

1. You’re out on a hack and your pony suddenly spooks at a plastic bag in the hedge – why?

A) Plastic bags and ponies are sworn enemies and he thought it was going to attack him.

B) He doesn’t know that the bag isn’t dangerous, so he got a bit of a surprise.

C) There wasn’t really anything in the hedge, he just wanted to check that you were still paying attention.


2. You take your pony for a quick schooling session in the arena, which should be fun, so why does he keep napping back to the gate and calling to his friends?

A) He’s such a drama queen! Doesn’t he realise that his conversation can wait?

B) He doesn’t want to work today, as he’d much rather be in the field with his friends.

C) He’s not feeling too confident on his own and would prefer to have some company.


3. You arrive late to the yard at dinner time to discover your pony banging his stable door. Why’s he doing this?

A) He knows you’re late and he’s hungry. He’s annoyed you’ve disrupted his routine because he loves to know what to expect.

B) He always bangs the door, it means he’s happy to see you.

C) He wants to become a famous drummer, so needs to practise as much as possible.


4. When you go to catch your pony you see him chasing one of his field mates with his ears back. It’s because…

A) they’re just having fun and playing the pony version of tag.

B) he’s trying to protect his food, water or shelter.

C) they’re not getting enough exercise so are just having a quick workout.


5. You’re out hacking with a few of your yard friends and your pony throws in one or two cheeky bucks. Why is he doing this?

A) Bucking is difficult to do well, so he’s asking his mates for some pointers on how to improve it.

B) It’s the first time he’s gone on a hack with his mates in ages and he’s a bit excited.

C) He’s such a show off! He only ever bucks when he’s got another pony nearby to impress.


6. A new pony’s arrived at the yard and is going to be stabled next to your pony. Why do they both squeal when they meet?

A) It’s nothing to worry about, it’s a usual way for ponies to react if they’ve not met before. They’re just warning each other not to get too close.

B) It’s a complete disaster, they hate each other already!

C) The new pony’s mean and clearly did something to upset your pony.


7. Every time you lead your pony to the field he attempts to drag you to the nearest patch of grass. What’s he doing?

A) It’s bad manners, but ponies like to eat little and often, so he’s probably just hungry.

B) He’s sooo naughty! All he ever thinks about is food, so if there’s an opportunity to eat he’ll take it, whether he’s hungry or not.

C) He’s only done it to annoy you, he knows you hate it when he pulls.


How many did you get right?

Answers 1: B, 2: C, 3: A, 4: B, 5: B, 6: A, 7: A

1–3 Keep practising

You need some more practice to become a mind-reading guru. But don’t worry, though. With the help of PONY mag you’ll be an expert in no time! How about re-reading your old issues for top tips on pony behaviour?

4–5 Nearly there!

You’re pretty good at understanding what your pony’s thinking and with a little more practice, you’ll soon be the yard’s resident horse whisperer.

6–7 Mind reader

You’re completely in tune with your pony – it’s like you’re part pony! You can almost read his mind, and seem to know what he’s thinking before he does.

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