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A place to hang out, chat and discuss horsey-related things with other PONY magazine readers! Maybe you have a pony problem, or you want opinions on the best XC colours – or perhaps you just want to know what breed is everyone's fave!

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  1. lovemypony!! says:

    hi naomisparkle. tell your mum what you honestly feel, and stand your ground. whilst she is allowed to have a passion for horse, she can’t get in the way of your passion for them. your mum will probably be quite cross at first, but once she has cooled off a bit, she might take you seriously. i hope this help, from lovemypony xxx
    p.s. who else has a cat/ i have one called crookshanks.

  2. Ponyhugs123 says:

    Hey NaomiSparkle,
    Have you tried telling your mum how you feel? She ought to understand and you never know, she might have felt that way when she was your age! If you can’t pluck up the guts, maybe text her or write a letter.
    Does anyone know whether goose fat will make my pony’s hooves less brittle? My friend recommended it, but she has a retired racehorse (a thoroughbred) so he’s very different to my cob. Help!!

  3. Rachyru111 says:

    Just say to ur mom that u want to try be mature and responsible and just tell her I want to do things a little different to u.Then just introduce her to ur new ways.I don’t live on a farm but i know a bit about horses.
    Hope that helps xx
    Tell me how it goes!😊

  4. Horse Fanatic says:

    Hey Horsey People! NaomiSparkle, maybe you could explain to your mum why you don’t like what she is doing. If you make a compromise like, she can ride horses and things like that but you can take care of feeding the horses and all the main work. If that doesn’t work try showing her that she can have a passion for horses without doing the things that bother you.

  5. NaomiSparkle says:

    Ok, I need help or I’m gonna go crazy !

    My mum is constantly at the yard at the same time as me. We have our own yard with our 2 horses and well she seems to think that the way that she did stuff when she was a kid is the right way. She gives the tiny beds, never sweeps up, leaves the buckets all dirty and gives them less meal than they should have.

    How do I get my mum to just set aside her horsey passion ? She also likes gardening and she constantly finds that there is not enough time for both but she does not want to give either up.

    In my view, she has had her pony time where her and my aunt had they’re two ponies and they would go for rides round the fields together and well I just want her to pass that along to me !

    I would like to be able to arrange the things on the yard how I want them, muckout when I want, and to just have some private time around the horses without feeling like she is constantly breathing down my neck. I don’t mind if she wants to come for a hack but if she would let me do all the mucking out grooming and stuff that would be so amazing.

    Please help or I am gonna go crazy !


  6. hi pony people!! how are you all doing?

    does anyone have a way to stop manes falling out?!?!? spud’s mane is coming out really easily, but only in the middle. i tried plaiting him last night, and it looked really odd – he has a load of thick gold/ginger hair about halfway up. it looks gorgeous (if I say so myself) but when he has it plaited, it looks really weird!! is there anything to use, like a special pony shampoo? help!!!!

    from littlewelshpony xx

  7. Flick 123 says:

    Can I have some advice on how to care for an older pony?

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