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A place to hang out, chat and discuss horsey-related things with other PONY magazine readers! Maybe you have a pony problem, or you want opinions on the best XC colours – or perhaps you just want to know what breed is everyone's fave!

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  1. Hi tillymunchcin
    Riding with out styraps can really help you improve your balance
    Just sit firmly deap in the saddle and ride like you would if you did have stryraps it’s not actually much harder!!!

  2. Hi
    My fav pony is grey
    I think saddle pads are cool and can’t wait to buy them for my own pony when I’ve got one
    Jumping is my top FAV disaplin
    I don’t have any Lemieux saddle pads
    Yeah I love to ride bare back it’s such fun
    Aoiferedrosette xxx🐴🐎🏇🏻

  3. hi puppy3866
    i fell of last year and it broke my confidence try just working with your pony in-hand and grooming to help build your trust again helps you can also start on easy stuff and work your way up to what you where doing before.
    hope this helps
    xx tillymunchkin

  4. Sandra says:

    Sully girl you ask a lot of questions but because it’s related to my favourite subject I’ll answer them all! 👌 ok sooo , I one a horse his name is soldier! Fav breed is Freasian.i like Chestnuts 🌰😄! I want to be a equine veterinarian! I like riding when it’s cool

  5. hi
    I have really bouncy pony but my instructor wants me to do no stirrup work.Any advice for us.

  6. tillymunchkin says:

    I have a really bouncy pony but my instructor wants me to do work without stirrups to improve my canter.Anyone got any advice for us.
    xxx tillymunchkin.

  7. Olympia Girl says:

    Hi guys,
    Who owns a grey horse?
    Who loves saddle pads?
    Who loves jumping?
    Do you have any lemuix saddle pads?
    Can you ride bare back?🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎🐴🐎🐎🐴🐎🐎🐴
    From Olympia Girl xxxx

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