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A place to hang out, chat and discuss horsey-related things with other PONY magazine readers! Maybe you have a pony problem, or you want opinions on the best XC colours – or perhaps you just want to know what breed is everyone's fave!

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  1. The Lemonade Palominos says:

    I’ve got pony care as one of my subjects, too! Yes, my school has closed. I wonder how many people are on the Internet right now as we have to do online learning? Unfortunately, my riding school has now closed but I think they’ll still get lots of cuddles from the yard staff!

  2. coco the polo says:

    Hiya! I guess our ponies are getting extra attention now schools are closed. My mum’s made one of my subjects pony care!
    (The best)
    What are you doing while schools are closed?

  3. The Lemonade Palominos says:

    It is sad that the pony mag big day out has been prosponed

  4. The Lemonade Palominos says:

    Do you think booking a private lesson will help?

  5. The Lemonade Palominos says:

    Hey guys, there’s this pony, Bumble, at my yard, who when you ask for trot, he just gallops around the arena making everyone fall of. He really makes sure he has his personal space and I had a fall because of it. The pony I was riding, Wilma,( best pony ever) was doing a pretty average- speed trot, but Bumble decided it wasn’t fast eneough and promptly bit her on her hindquarters! She teared forward and I landed on my back. Any advice for riding around unpredictable and naughty ponies?


  6. The Lemonade Palominos says:

    Hello, for those struggling to catch their ponies, don’t catch them whenever you want to ride. For the first days, just give him a pat and a treat and walk away. ( without the head collar ). Then you can do the same with the head collar. After a few days of this, put the head collar on and take it off again.
    Lead him/her to the yard and give them a groom. Now, you should be able to lead them in to ride!

    Hope this helped, The Lemonade Palominos

  7. The Lemonade Palominos says:

    Hi! Just to say, what are people’s favourite breeds and colours? Mine’s a Connemara ( don’t know how many ‘m’s and ‘n’s there are in it ) and a palomino.

    The Lemonade Palominos

  8. The Lemonade Palominos says:

    Hello! Are everyone’s Schools closed? If so, what are you doing? My yard’s still open so I can help out there- with everyone isolating.

    The Lemonade Palominos

  9. Can u help? for some reason, my pony sonic, doesn’y want me to catch him in long feilds. every time i try 2 put his head collar on, he gallops of. any advice? sophiesonic34. xx i m going to a competition soon in the week so i need some advice quick!!! sophiesonic34 xx

  10. dressage_diva_Sprite says:

    Hi! You might not be interested but yesterday I won my first dressage competition on my piebald cob Invincible Spirit (stable name Sprite).
    Have any of you gone to competitions?

  11. Horse_obsessed_alert says:

    Hi guys!!! I have a 7 year old 13hh bay cob mare that cant be ridden because of long term leg problems. Where we keep her there isn’t a functioning arena so I can’t exercise her in there. She keeps edging overweight and since she is prone to laminitis I need to keep on top of her weight and exercise. Do you have any exercise tips for me?

  12. Hi any ideas what colours might go well with a chesnut?

  13. Georgia Hall says:

    hi! just wondering, does anyone know any online shops that sell non leather jodhpur boots in size 3? just because i don’t have my own boots yet, and i don’t really want leather boots. thanks!

    • Horses4ever! says:

      I think that Naylors equestrian do them. Btw if you spend over £50 then get back to me because you can get £10 off if you mention my name xx hope this helps

      • Georgia Hall says:

        Okay th ma I’ll have a look now x

        • Georgia Hall says:

          That’s great thanks! Xx I found some good ones that are lent too expensive, non leather, and it’s free delivery over £25 ? Although my mum doesn’t want to buy me any yet but I’m still working on it ? thanks so much it’s a great place! And what was the thing about getting £10 off? Xx I might not spend £50 but they sell like walking stuff so I’ll show my mum and she’ll be like oooh let’s get this so could you tell me how it works please just in case xx wow this is a long message ? xx

          • Georgia Hall says:

            Sorry I dont now if that was you replying or somebody else but if it was you please send it again coz it was marked as spam x

          • Georgia Hall says:

            They’re all being nice being marked as spam?! Do you have anything else I could message you on like sc or something coz I think the servers don’t like you ?

  14. Izzyandponies says:

    Hey pony lovers any one on??

  15. Izzyandponies says:

    Hi! There is a lazy pony named Gizmo at a stable I go to and he hates it when you try to put his bit in his mouth and I try to do all the things that everyone else tells me to try but I just keep getting bit! Any advice?

    • pixie says:

      is the bit to small/big/strong for him?

    • Horses4ever! says:

      Maybe if you were trying to sort it out short term then give him a carrot or something to eat while you put the bit in or for long term you could randomly go in and put the bridle on and then take it off again to let him now that the bit doesn’t only mean work. You could also use a bridle rather than a for some things- E.g. catching and taking out.

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