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  1. emma says:

    hey i have not seen my pony in a while when i go see my horse again should i jump cross country or flatwork how high should i jump because i feel ready to compete but my instuctor will not let me how do i ask her if i can comepete with my barn friends i feel left out of conpeting with my barn frinds and going out to show and do schooling


  2. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi lovemypony!!,
    Thanks I think I’m gonna wait until it is below 5° and if she is still there without a rug then I will contact the sanctuary. Also I hv noticed that the care of the bay and black ponies is going away. The heavy black pony looks quite thin now and the bay looks just on the verge of thin and trim, then the arabs belly is getting bigger, although it doesn’t look fat only oddly big but getting big quickly. I thought that she might be in foal but she was quite thin when I saw her 2 weeks ago and surely it can’t get that big that quickly. Can it ?
    NaomiSparkle X

  3. XC123 says:

    hi, whats your fave horse colour? I love bays and piebalds!

  4. Xc123 says:

    hi guyssss! I’m going to do dome horsey shopping soon and was wondering if u knew any good brands for some new jods? and any warm baselayers that aren’t too expensive. thanks so much. Xc123

  5. Madeleine says:

    NaomiSparkle, thanks for the idea, i’ll ask my instructor at my next lesson and see if I can give that a go 🙂

  6. lovemypony!! says:

    hi naomisparkle, i think you should try to find out who the owner is, as arabs have really thin skin and being out for the winter without a rug could make her seriously ill. definitly speak to a charity if you see in the snow or rain with out rug on.

    one of my ponies is really silly in the wind-any tips?
    thanks in advance.

  7. NaomiSparkle says:

    To my previous message:
    I said that “lots of people do this here” that’s true but not with Arabs. All with Shetlands and other fluffy ponies. I have never seen an arab or anything like that.

  8. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi everyone,
    Recently I have noticed that on the school bus route there is a beautiful about 14.2HH-15hh Grey Arab Mare in a field. She looks very muddy and the grazing is quite poor. There are also 2 other horses in the field right next to her and they always look shiny and well fed but the arab is always muddy and is not skinny but just trim. We live in France and lots of people do this here, I rlly want to help her but I dont know how as a charity cant help cuz it’s quite normal here. Also she will be staying out in that paddock all winter without a rug probably. I tried giving her a corrot but she was very wary and would not come near the fence. The fence is quite sturdy but nothing special, it is just a few posts with electric wire on it (not sure if its turned on). I have never seen anyone around her but she is quite lively and wary so maybe that’s why she’s there. Occasionally I see the black pony in with her but only rarely or if the shiny bay pony has been taken away for work. I have come up with my own little name for her which is Morning Mist (Misty). She is my dream horse but I cant help if it’s normal. The only charity around is 1h away run by an english woman, do you think that if Misty doesn’t have a rug in the cold winter then the charity might be able to help ?


  9. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi horseygirl200,
    I hv never experienced anything like this but i do hv a few ideas on how to help. Try to catch him on a good day so a day where he is a big more calm than usual and then take him calmly to the yard for a gentle groom with a tasty haynet, then take him over to the outdoor arena just in his headcollar and (someone ready to help if you need it) walk him calmly around the arena all the time talking to him calmly as he will pick up on this and act calm himself. Keep doing this everyday until it’s not a problem at all, then put his saddle and bridle on and do the same for about a week or more if u think he needs it, and only when u r certain he is being good then maybe take him for a very small in hand trot. If he gets excited then go back to walk until he is calm again. Eventually when you can do walk, trot, canter and maybe a small jump (if you do jumping) then get up on him and have a friend or someone lead you round on him a bit in all of these paces and if he is still calm then have them unclip him and you take him by yourself.

    For in the field, if you are using the same paddock that he gets turned out in then switch to a different paddock away from any other horses that might be a distraction. The paddock is where he can relax and chill with his friends, so if he is suddenly worked in his relaxing place then he will get confused and want to join his buddies at the other end of the field. Only do the course when he is being well behaved in the arena.

    Good Luck and Hope this Helps !

  10. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi Madelaine,
    The same thing happened to me. If possible ask to ride a different pony for a bit so a very calm and well mannered pony. You could also go back to the start almost, as in, trot over some poles and once yr good with that go over a very small jump, then 2 small jumps and build them up. U can do this in just one session too.
    Hope this helps !

  11. XC123 says:

    horseygirl200, I would try working on fun things in the school with him to build up trust between you both (is he like this with other riders or just you?), this might help him calm down a bit and trust you more and be better behaved. maybe he’s just bored and wants something fun to do. have you tried hacking him out with one other horse? hope this helps, XC123

  12. Emily says:

    What does everyone do to build up the confidence to jump over 80cm? I have got up to 80cm finally after a really bad fall 2 years ago on my old horse, and now I want to continue to build my confidence so I can go up to 90cm and 1m, and affiliate with British Showjumping. I am a massive over thinker and I constantly doubt myself. I have been riding for a long time so I am experienced enough to do it, and deep down I know that I am capable, but I have always doubted myself. I already take rescue remedy at shows to calm myself down, and I have to have my lucky pin and tie, which sounds weird but it works for me haha. Does anyone else have anything lucky that goes everywhere with them and their horse? I sound a bit odd hahaha x

  13. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi ponny123,
    She is 14yrs old. She is actually settling in very well now so I think that she actually just didn’t like the previous owner.
    Thanks Alot
    NaomiSparkle X

  14. hi everyone, the school pony i ride gets really naughty in the feild and gallops back to the group when we are doing a course,and has been known to throw a few bucks ! we cant even ride him in the outdoor areana because he goes bonkers and tries to jump the gate, so we have to stick to the indoor areana. i love him to absulote bits but sometimes im scared to get on him. i have already talked to my trainer about it but she says it will make me a better rider. im terrifed most of the time when i ride him. does anyone have any tips? thanks, horseygirl200

  15. Madeleine says:

    Hi guys. I had a bad fall a few weeks ago (it was my first ever fall) I’m nervous to jump again. Any tips to help me get my confidence back? thanks guys x

  16. Hey!, i wanted to know peoples horses/Ponies names..whats your horses name (if you have a horse)
    If you don’t have a horse then If you had a horse what would you call it..or What horse names are good?
    I need some good horse names as my friend is buying a horse!
    Thanks A Lot,

  17. Chestnutdunny2 says:

    also if you groom her and build up a bond she might learn to trust you and you know that the stable isn’t a scary place so maybe she’ll feel the same????

  18. Chestnutdunny2 says:

    Hi 👋 NaomiSparkle, i bet your looking forward to when you get your new horse! maybe if – in her stable – you get one of the Likit snacks (e.g. boredom buster) it might give her something fun to do in the stable. i also think if you introduce her to your other pony that might help her feel more comfy?
    Hope this helps! 🤞
    Cn2 xox

  19. ponny123 says:

    if she’s anxious in a stall try put her in a stall late as possible and take her out early as possible
    and what age is she?

    lots of pony cuddles ponny123

  20. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi everyone, We r having a new horse arrive in 2 weeks and until then we hv to get everything ready. We need to replace the old paddock fence, get all of her new stuff, and clear out the hay barn for a new delivery. Plus she is from a sanctuary so she isn’t used to a stable and apparently she gets anxious in a stable but we hv always stabled our horses every night, we hv been to see her and she is perfect so there is no turning back now. She will hv a friend next door and will go out with her everyday in the field. I want her to settle in well and luckily she is arriving in the morning (7:00-8:00) but we must hv her settled into her stable before the night. Any tips ? Also what are the essential things that we need to buy, I hv already got the: Headcollar, Leadrope, Water bucket, Feed bucket, poop scooper & grooming kit plus other stuff that we still hv like shampoos, fly repellent, what else could I need ? Also when she arrives would u recomend putting her in the field with my other pony first or the stable. She is a very calm horse and most would maybe say bomb proof so she isn’t the kind of horse who just needs to gallop like my pony. What do u think ? Any tips ?
    NaomiSparkle X

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