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A place to hang out, chat and discuss horsey-related things with other PONY magazine readers! Maybe you have a pony problem, or you want opinions on the best XC colours – or perhaps you just want to know what breed is everyone's fave!

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  1. Hey everyone,I had a question…🐴
    Does anybody know any websites etc on rent a horse for a day? It would be really helpful🤎
    ZaaraCrazyHorseGirl. 🐎 👉🏼 My name used to be Zaara because I didn’t know what name to pick but I picked a name!

  2. Zaara says:

    Hey Springles_pony123, thank you so much for your reply!! it honestly means a lot to me.
    For a long time i have been very scared on giving horses/ponies treats (because they might eat my fingers LOL) but you just told me that place your hand flat and next time i am definitely going to do that next time!!!

    By the way, my nickname is Zaara…honestly i have to think of a name LOL….and if you cant see a persons name (if you on a phone or Ipad or tablet) then click the blank spot. (if your on a computer or Laptop) then make your mouse go on the blank spot but dont click it.

  3. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi Amber24 and other person who replied, thx so much for your responses. I like the idea of taking her out for a walk, and also to ride in a field with the other pony but I can’t do that cuz the pony is never ridden, it is just kept as a spectacle, we live in France and here there r so many Icelandic ponies and Fjords cuz they r rlly cheap, so people just buy cheap ponies so they can say “oh, I’ve got a horse” cuz that is normally quite fancy. Thx anyway Amber24 and thx both for your replies. NaomiSparkle

  4. Springles_pony123 says:

    Hi sorry I can’t see your name but the person who wrote about giving ur horse treats.😂 place ur hand out flat in front of him. Don’t worry about it because as long as you don’t have your fingers poking up or you don’t have ur hands around the Apple, the horse won’t think they are carrots and try and eat them😂. Just remember horses are such gentle giants and will not try to bite you on purpose it’s just they don’t have very good eyesight and think u r giving them carrots. Anyway, just keep ur hands flat and relax. He will enjoy the yummy treat of an apple😋 love Springles_pony123

  5. Hey NaomiSparkle, 🐴 Horses get REALLY exited really quickly. And because your horse does not get to see that many other horses and ponies etc he can get really exited or maybe scared at some points (depending on how your horse is like). But being exited is honestly normal it’s like as if you have not seen other humans and when you actually get to see them then you start getting exited or maybe even scared. (I’m not an expert) 🤨but you should maybe train your horse or go on a walk with him and if he sees a horse you can simply just say ‘No’ to your horse or any other way…or you could google it!!
    But don’t loose your confidence in hacking…honestly don’t…But I just want to say that I know this might not be helpful enough but the main thing is that don’t say that loose your confidence.
    Just make a really strong bond with the horse..try to spend more time with him .
    Hope this helped ☺️😁

  6. Amber24 says:

    hi NaomiSparkle its a good idea if you don’t see too many horses around a good idea is to ride in a field with another pony in
    so your horse can get used to it also when you next go past the field ask a friend with a very experienced pony to ride with you if
    you can’t do that then ride really confidently so your horse knows that you aren’t scared of the pony.

  7. Hey everyone, I really love ponies and all. I have been horse riding and I can’t express how happy I was! I am a bit scared of some things and I was wondering if you would be able to help me!!
    So I am very scared of going a pony some treats..like apples from my hand and I want to know how do I place the apple in my hand? Do I have to place my hand flat? It would really help me if someone replied!

  8. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi, when ever I go out hacking my pony always gets rlly excited about the pony in the field who we pas every time we r out. My mums horse reacts the same way. There aren’t many horses around here so the other pony gets excited as well which gets our horses even more excited we hv riding past it about 20 times but the reaction is always the same. Sometimes there is a dog or even a goat in with the pony too. Once we passed when the goat was there and our horses went mad because it looked at them. They r the same with the cows and sheep and the big tires stacked out side the neughbpurs house. Plz help I am starting to loose confidence in hacking out now. One thing is for sure, they hate anything else that moves especially big animals, they r fine if a cat runs in front of them on the road but if a cow in a nearby field looks at them then there is no chance of it being a good hack. Thanks in advance, NaomiSparkle

  9. Sakina says:

    Hey everyone!, so my family are deciding to rent a pony for me for a 3 days or so….and i would really appreciate it if you could give me some tips and tricks!
    Thanks in Advance 🙂

  10. Hi ponylover,
    maybe you could try a 14hh???? i am the same age and height as you and i ride a 15hh. i am quite little for her, but i fit. you shoukd probably go with a 13.hh – 14hh? also, for all of you, have you guys ever been to the island riding centre before? i am entering because i live in France and i have never heard of it before. i hope (if you guys have already been there) you guys can tell me what it’s like?

  11. Hi everyone! I am entering a showjumping comp at my yard, but i havn’t been doing jumping very long. i can only do 80 cm, which is quite a lot, but still, i am the only one at my age to jump that high and the yard manager said that the course would be 90 cm. What do i do? i am super excited buut also super nervous. Anyway, my pony always jumps higher than the jump that she’s jumping! So i may actually cope, but im not sure. Please help?

  12. Sakina says:

    Hey everyone!, so I wanted to rent a pony for a day…so does any of you know any good websites that allow to rent a horse for a day 🙂
    Thanks in advance

  13. Sakina says:

    Hey everyone!, I absolutely love ponies…I have been horse riding and I loved it and for my birthday we are going to rent a horse for a day!! But the thing is that I’m a bit scared and I would need some tips and tricks from you all ; I would love it if you could share some things or tell me some tips and tricks..
    Thanks 😊

  14. Amber24 says:

    hi guys I’ve just bought a pony on the friday and its coming on monday what do i buy first?

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