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A place to hang out, chat and discuss horsey-related things with other PONY magazine readers! Maybe you have a pony problem, or you want opinions on the best XC colours – or perhaps you just want to know what breed is everyone's fave!

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  1. lovemypony!! says:

    who finds it really frustrating that there are no competitions on? I love competing with my horses. Hope everyone is ok.
    Lovemypony xxx

  2. Harrythecheekypony says:

    If he constantly bucks every time it might just be excitement however its probably best to get him checked by the vet because a comon reason for bucking and bolting etc could be a problem with his back or he might be in pain somewhere. I hope this isnt the case but i hope this helps.

  3. Hey @ Mae.Mckinney, Yes!! i watch/ have watched all of This Esmes videos!! My favrouite videos are probably her morning/night routines too πŸ™‚
    Take Care,

  4. mygreyconniemare says:

    Hi, I watch This Esme and my fave video is probably her lemieux saddlepad collection!! Also my fave account is @elphick.event.ponies ! I have a horsey insta does anyone else?

  5. lovemypony!! says:

    i don’t fall off because i have spent years riding thoroughbreds! Just sit deep in the saddle and hang on to the neckstrap.
    Goodluck, Lovemypony xxx

  6. WelshsectionB says:

    Have you checked his tack ect?

  7. becksisfab says:

    do u ever fall off when it happens i have somtimes cause my pony has a massive buck

  8. WelshsectionB says:


  9. becksisfab says:

    hi guys i need help on riding my gelding who bucks when i canter him any advice on trying to stop him bucking thnx so much

  10. Mae.Mckinney says:

    Hello, does anyone watch this Esme? if you do please tell me your favourite videos of her. Personally mine are the morning/night routines πŸ™‚

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