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Riding Tips

Improve your riding with our fab articles! Whether it's building your confidence, riding shapes, or jumping spreads that you need tips on, we have something for every rider.

Perfect your cross-country position

Stay safe and secure in the saddle with a super-strong cross-country position Read Article

PONY’s guide to studs

It’s a good idea to use studs when you’re jumping on grass, particularly if it’s slippery. Find out how to get started here Read Article

7 hunter trial tips!

Planning on heading to a hunter trial this year? Check out our seven top tips to make the day run smoothly! Read Article

Improve your trot

You’ll be hot to trot after reading this Read Article

Improve your walk

It might seem simple, but walk is actually one of the most difficult paces to perfect! Read Article

Riding in open order

Here’s everything you need to know about riding in open order Read Article

Hillwork out hacking

It’s likely you’ll come across hills out hacking, so find out how to tackle them! Read Article

Hacking in a group

Hacking with your mates is great, but it can be nerve-racking if your pony doesn’t listen to you. Follow our guide to up your confidence! Read Article

Hacking problems: solved!

There’s nothing better than going out on a long summer hack with your friends, but it can be worrying if your pony misbehaves. We problem-bust some common issues Read Article

Skinny fences made simple

Find skinny fences tricky? No problem! Here’s how to ace them every time Read Article

Three of our fave polework exercises

Polework is a fab way to improve your jumping skills without even leaving the ground! Here are three of our fave polework exercises for you to try Read Article

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