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cross-country riding

Are you an XC guru?

Can you guide Katie and Bumble around their first cross-country round?

Katie has written a list of all the things she needs for her cross-country round. Which five items should be on there?

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Katie arrives at the competition before it’s started and has loads of time before her round. What should she do?

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Katie takes Bumble into the warm-up but she’s not sure what direction to jump the fences. What colour flag should be on her right?

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While warming up, Katie decides to practise her two-point position. What should she be doing?

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Katie and Bumble have been called over to the start box. What should she do?

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Katie and Bumble have to tackle a combination consisting of a fence, a ditch, then another fence. What’s this called?

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They have an unlucky stop at the tiger trap. How many penalties is she awarded?

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The pair is flying round the course and the next fence is the water complex. How should Katie approach it?

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Katie’s completed the course with just the one stop and she’s thrilled. How should she help Bumble cool down?

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Are you an XC guru?
More work needed
Uh oh! You still need to brush up on your cross-country knowledge. But don’t worry, keep reading PONY and you’ll be a cross-country guru in no time at all!
Getting close
Well tried, you’ve got some of it nailed but need to work on the finer details. Keep at it and you’ll be a cross-country know-it-all before you can say ‘Emily King’!
Total pro
Well done! You successfully helped Katie and Bumble round the course. You’re a great help when your friends need some cross-country advice, too, so keep up the good work!

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