Ready, set, goal!

Aim high and get ready to achieve your goals with our fab guide! Read Article

A 10 minute exercise to improve accuracy over jumps

Ready to tackle a new jumping challenge with your fave pony? Our quick curving line exercise is sure to give you both something to think about! Improve your accuracy and your pony’s suppleness with just a few poles and two wings. Read Article

Ace fillers every time

Fix your pony’s phobia of spooky fences with our top tips Read Article

Jumping on an angle

Try our tricky serpentine challenge Read Article

Know the distance

Our handy guide to placing poles and striding out jumping distances Read Article

Our complete guide to showjumping fences

Follow our guide on how to jump different types of fences and you’ll be flying around the course in no time! Read Article

Positive thinking

The power of positive thinking will help you achieve your horsey dreams. Here’s how to make it happen! Read Article

How to improve without a pony

Not lucky enough to own a pony? You can still improve your riding and care skills without one! Read Article

Teach your pony to push a ball with Emma Massingale

A fun game for your to play with your pony Read Article

The fun factor with Emma Massingale

Emma Massingale shows you how to build an awesome partnership with your fave pony Read Article

Jumping on grass

Whether you’re going showjumping or cross-country, get prepared for jumping on grass with this fab guide! Read Article

How to ride a course with Robert Whitaker

Top showjumper Robert Whitaker reveals his tips on how to jump a successful round. Check it out! Read Article

Fix up your jumping problems

Fed up of not going clear every time? Read our guide to fix your jumping problems... Read Article

How to jump a double

Getting in a muddle with doubles? Find out how to nail them every time with our handy guide Read Article

Be a polework pro

Spice up your schooling sessions with these fun pole exercises Read Article

spook-bust your jumping

Fly fillers every time with our spook-busting guide Read Article

Super-strong ponies sorted

Does your pony get too strong and rush when it comes to jumping? Here’s how to solve it Read Article

Strides for success

Can’t seem to meet the fence at the right spot? Find out how to get the perfect stride every time! Read Article

Make the most of your lesson

Want to get more out of your lesson? Here’s how Read Article

Fitness foundations

Want to get your pony in peak condition? Here’s how to get started... Read Article

Improve your jumping technique

Jumping well is all about skill, not the size of the fence. Here’s how to nail it. Read Article

Skinny fences made simple

Find skinny fences tricky? No problem! Here’s how to ace them every time Read Article

Three of our fave polework exercises

Polework is a fab way to improve your jumping skills without even leaving the ground! Here are three of our fave polework exercises for you to try Read Article

Banish filler fears

Banish filler fears for good with our handy guide on how to jump them Read Article

Great Gridwork Ideas

If you love jumping, why not have a go at gridwork? Not only is it good fun for riders, but your pony will love it, and your jumping technique is bound to improve. Check out our gridwork ideas. Read Article

Jump straight

Ever knocked a pole down because you came at the fence a bit wonky? Check out how to perfect a straight approach Read Article

Be a showjumping pro

You’ll be flying round clear in no time at all! Read Article

How to ride a jump-off

If you love showjumping but aren’t sure how to ride an awesome jump-off round, don’t worry! Here are our top tips on how to ace it Read Article

5 top jump-off tips

Always wanted to know how to ace a jump-off? We share our five top tips with you. Good luck! Read Article

Stressed in show

Does your pony get stressed at shows? Find out why and how to make going to a show fun for you both. Read Article

Why a good lower leg position is important

Want the perfect lower leg position? Follow our guide to find out how! Read Article

20 jumping rules everyone should know

Whether you’ve just started jumping, or you and your pony are heading for the shows this season, there are some need-to-remember jumping rules that no-one should forget. And here they are! Read Article

Get to grips with jumping strides!

Ever struggled with setting up combinations when jumping? Check out this basic guide from PONY mag. Read Article

Staying secure when jumping

Want to stay more secure in the saddle? Read three top tips from PONY here. Read Article

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