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Which horsey TV character are you?

Find out which of your fave horsey characters you’re most like!

Do you love horsey TV shows? Well, why not take our awesome quiz to discover which of your fave main characters your personality’s most like? Do you belong on a Canadian ranch, horse whispering like Amy from Heartland? Or maybe you’re super-ambitious and confident like Zoe from Free Rein? Take our fun quiz and see!


Which type of horse would you most like to own?

Which two words best describe your personality?

What’s your fave horsey discipline?

Where would you most like to live?

What would your dream horsey job be?

Which colour pony’s your fave?

Which outfit would you be most likely to wear?

Which of these activities would you enjoy doing most?

Pick a book genre

How do you feel when you’re riding?

Which horsey TV character are you?
Amy Fleming, Heartland

Amy Fleming, Heartland

Just like Amy, you have a real way with ponies. You’re super-intuitive and love forming a strong connection with every pony you meet. But you have a way of attracting drama into your life, too – there’s never a dull moment with you! Even though you can be fearful of change and enjoy your home comforts, you’ll do anything to help a friend – or pony – in need!
Issie Brown, Mystic

Mystic TV show

You’ve deffo got an edge to you, similar to Issie. You’re always super-honest and get straight to the point. You’re committed to improving your riding and love a thrill. You never shy away from a challenge, but you can be a little moody at times! However, your energy is what makes you really brave and your friends are lucky to have you on their side.
Lucky Prescott, Spirit: Riding Free

Lucky Prescott, Spirit: Riding Free

You’re really curious and love uncovering a mystery! Not only do you have a keen eye for problem solving, you’re also shrewd and a great judge of character. Like Lucky, when you’re not on a rescue mission or investigating something, you’re totally fun-loving and always up for a laugh with your friends. They enjoy being around you because you’re lots of fun to hang out with.
Zoe Philips, Free Rein

TV character, Zoe Philips, Free Rein

Like Zoe, you love being the leader and are happy to take charge of a situation. You’re uber confident and always speak your mind – even if it ends up landing you in trouble sometimes! You know how to trust your gut and have a great connection with horses. Your ambitious nature will get you far, and you’re destined to achieve amazing things one day!

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