21 pony probs

There are some problems that only pony-mad people understand

3 girls chatting about pony problems

1. Having to accept a T-shirt tan every summer.

2. Being asked ‘Why do you always smell of horse?’

3. Trying to take a selfie with your fave pony and struggling to fit his whole head in the photo.

4. Realising that you’ve clicked at someone walking slowly on the street or in a corridor, or accidentally told your friends to ‘Walk on!’ when you’re ready to go.

5. Having to wear your school jumper all day in the summer heat because your pony slobbered all over your shirt that morning.

6. When your pony rolls in mud just after you’ve just bathed him.

7. Always being too busy at the yard or competitions to make plans with your school friends at the weekend.

8. The frustration of a lost shoe.

9. When your non-horsey friend stays over and tries to ‘help’ you sort your pony in the morning.

10. Being told to take all your clothes off before your mum lets you enter the house. And yes, she expects you to do it on the doorstep!

11. When your fave top ends up becoming a yard top. Every time!

12. Spending more on your pony’s wardrobe and shoes than your own.

13. Understanding that plastic bags really are scary.

14. The pain when you dismount and have cold toes.

15. Having hay or bedding in your hair wherever you go.

16. When people think a pony is a baby horse – no, just no!

17. Seeing people eat polos like ‘What?! Are they even for humans?’

18. Walking past a gate, log or hedge, and thinking ‘I’d jump that!’

19. Getting changed and leaving a sprinkling of hay and bedding where you were stood.

20. Being the only person at school who appreciates the importance of matchy-matchy.

21. Totally grossing out your school friends when you swear by the five-second rule – imagine if they saw you doing it at the yard!

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