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How wild is your pony?

You might think that your pony doesn't have anything in common with wild animals, but equines still exhibit many traits left over from their wild heritage.

pony running in field


Life in the herd

Wild horses live in a herd and establish a hierarchy within their group. Does your pony have particular friends that he hangs out with and others that he might avoid of because they are bossy? Do they stand and scratch each other or swish the flies of each others face? It’s all natural behaviour in wild herds.



Trickle feeder
Your pony’s gut is designed to digest a steady intake of forage, like grass or hay. Most ponies are native breeds that have evolved to live on sparse moorland or poor grazing. Ponies living wild on places like Dartmoor or the New Forest roam freely but the grass is so short they don’t become overweight.


Flight response
Does your pony take fright at make-believe monsters in the hedgerows or plastic bags flapping in the breeze? Horses and ponies are known for their quick reactions if something spooks them. This behaviour is inbuilt in your pony’s brain for survival, although some cope with scary situations better than others.



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