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Let it snow answers

Check your answers to our fab wintery puzzles in the January issue of the mag!


True of false?

1. True

2. False – Ponies often mutual groom more during the summer or when they’re moulting to get all their itchy spots and help remove shedding coat.

3. True

4. False – Ponies with thick coats don’t necessarily need rugs in the snow. Clipped ponies or ponies who feel the cold easily will need a rug.

5. False – It’s important you break ice that forms on the top of your pony’s trough as he won’t be able to break it, particularly if it’s thick.

6. True

7. True

8. True

Cool crossword


1 Ice

2 Shelter

3 Coat

4 Heavyweight


1 Christmas

2 Clip

3 Haylage

4 Shetland

5 Water

Match that fact

Fact 1 = C

Fact 2 = F

Fact 3 = E

Fact 4 = A

Fact 5 = D

Fact 6 = B

Native ponies wordsearch!


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