Stable toy quiz

Which stable toy suits your fave pony best? Take our quiz to find out

Horse using a hanging vegetable stable toy

Imagine spending a long time in a stable. Sound boring? Not if you’ve got plenty of your fave toys to keep you entertained!

Stable toys come in loads of different forms – tasty ones, super-challenging ones or scratchy ones – but they’re all interactive with the aim of keeping your fave pony busy for as long as possible.

The science

Scientists have done research that shows having a stable toy can help reduce stereotypic behaviours such as weaving or crib-biting by keeping ponies busier.

A study at the University of Southampton has also shown that ponies like a range of unusual flavours, including…

  • banana
  • cherry
  • rosemary
  • cumin
  • fenugreek

So you might need to try a few different flavours to find your pony’s ultimate fave treat toy!

Take this fun quiz to find out which stable toy suits your fave pony best

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One response to “Stable toy quiz”

  1. Olivia says:

    I’m very excited to do this quiz to find out what you my pony will love best

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