Fantasy horses!

Which of these fantasy horses and their people appeal to you the most? Choose one (donโ€™t deliberate for too long, it should be an instant reaction) then see what your choice tells you about you and your horsey dreams and wishes!

What does your choice mean?…

A. This is obviously a warrior queen – a powerful person who represents authority and confidence. If this is your choice, either you see yourself as a person to whom others look for guidance and leadership, or you wish you could be like this fantasy queen with her stony stare. The horse is submissive, a powerful beast who responds to his mistress, and you would love a horse which displays these qualities. A more frightening steed may make you nervous. Make sure you do not overface yourself, horsewise. There is plenty of time to get to where you want to be.

B. This woodland fairy is much more down to earth, and her unicorn stays close. They seem to be two beings, joined together. If this is your chosen fantasy person, you are close to nature, and are not above believing in magical beasts and winged creatures. This doesn’t mean you don’t have your feet on the ground, but you wouldn’t mind being able to fly away from everything once in a while – and if you could do that on a unicorn, how cool would that be? Find out what you wish to escape from. It will be worth getting to the bottom of it, and getting it sorted so you feel more at ease with yourself.

C. Choosing this image gives away your keen sense of the spiritual. The horse is wild, yet turning to the woman, willing to trust her. You’d love to be that person, someone who has a special bond with animals, especially horses, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be. You are willing to be patient – the woman’s body stays tall and still, rather than moving towards the horse – and know the value of waiting for things to come to you. They will, in good time.

D. Another unicorn, but a very different person with it. These two are obviously a team, but the ice maiden is a terrifying sight. If this appeals to you, maybe you feel someone near you is taking you for granted, or you think others take advantage of your good nature and long to be a person others take more notice of. The jewel on top of her staff represents wealth – and with wealth comes power. But with her hand on the unicorn’s withers, and the gentle look in his eye, you can see that this icy nymph is not as cold as she might appear, and has tender side. Just as you do.

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