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Super Shetlands!

Eva Roemaat’s Shetland pony Flip is a bit of a star. But don’t take our word for it…

Eva Roemaat speaks to us about how to train a Shetland pony! We have also included loads of gorgeous photos of Flip playing with his fellow shetland pony friend Macho!

“We start with the basics,” says Eva, “smiling, giving a kiss, pawing, backing up, side-step, standing on a pedestal – all safe tricks. Our training responds to our ponies’ natural behaviour – if a pony lies down and takes a roll, we can decide whether or not to reward this behaviour. If we do, the odds are that the pony will learn to lie down! There is no forcing, no pressure, just natural equine movements!”

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  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    AWW cute!

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