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Five ways to show your pony you love him 

Ponies are very social animals, so spending time getting to know him and showing how much you love him will help build the bond that’s key to success in the saddle. Here are five ways to give your pony some love…

  1. Snack attack 

Whether it’s carrots, apples, mints or a flavoured lick, he’ll know you adore him if you give him his fave treat! Avoid giving him too many treats if he’s a good-doer or prone to laminitis, though, because he could become overweight or unwell.


Make him work for his treat by doing a stretch or offering it when he’s listened to your aids. This’ll help stop him becoming greedy!

  1. Itchy spot

Giving your fave pony a scratch is sure to make him feel loved. Most ponies like to be scratched near their withers, but some enjoy it more on their neck or hindquarters – you might need to do a bit of investigating to find his fave scratchy spot. He might pull a funny face and wobble his top lip when you’ve hit the sweet spot!

  1. Quick smooch 

Show your pony how much you love him with a big kiss and cuddle. There’s no better feeling than throwing your arms around him and nuzzling your head into his neck. Give him a peck on his soft, velvety nose and take a quick pic that you can cherish forever.

  1. Good boy!

Praising him when you’re riding is sure to make him feel loved. Did you know, some ponies think patting is punishment? They often prefer scratching because it’s more like the rewarding feeling of being groomed by their pal. Instead of patting him, use your voice and scratch him near his wither to let him know he’s done a good job.

  1. Spa day

Give him a pamper sesh! You could spend time bathing and grooming him until he sparkles. You could even treat him to a massage or physio appointment with a professional – it’s sure to make him feel super-relaxed and supple.



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