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16 responses to “The PONY Poll”

  1. That_Dappled_Mare says:

    When lockdown is over me and my loan horse, Dolly, are going to join The Pony Club!! And we are going to start competing so I’m so excited!!!! 😀

  2. Emily Probert says:

    I have pony of my own and this year my mum has allowed us to compete at local shows (in any discipline we like).He has no dressage experience but has jumped and cleared up to 80cm. Any training tips are welcome.Please send Helios and I some luck. Also Teddy is my favourite 🤍🤍.

  3. Iz says:

    I have not got a horse of my own but go riding weekly I have ridden on a beach it was amazing 🏖


    I don’t have a horse or pony but I go to Grove and it is sooooo good and my friend had 36 horses! She soooo lucky!! I really really really want a pony of my own and one day I will!!!!! GO PONIES!!!! Also I love this esmè horses I think Casper is my fave!!!🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎🐎

  5. Sasha Walters says:

    I havent got a pony of my own, but I ride every week at a riding school. I havent ridden on a beach, but I would love to.

  6. thisesmefan says:

    i sooo love teddy he’s sooo cute!!!

  7. The-passaging-ghost-horse says:

    I haven’t preordered the annual yet.

  8. The_eventing_cob says:


  9. The_eventing_cob says:

    I haven’t ever been on a beach ride

  10. Claire says:

    i have a horse called poppy i havent been on the beach yet but we been on lots of hacks.

  11. Ava says:

    I own a pony called Bobby . I have never gone riding on a beach 🏖.
    But i want too.
    Then on a hack it’s good because we have a canter track down our long grass lane and back . ❤️

  12. Louise Smith says:

    Riding on a beach 🏖 is fun but you can jump logs and have a huge gallop on the common.

  13. Honor Casey says:

    I have not got a pony of my own. I attend pony club once a month at a stables and ride 3 Saturdays a month on a ladies pony. I would love a ride on the beach but unable to do so.
    I went to Frinton beach in Essex and watched all the lucky people riding along the beach front.

    Honor aged 11

  14. Louise Smith says:

    Love Teddy! 💖 💗 💕

  15. _life_with_Harris says:

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️🐴🐴🐴🐴 Teddy too!

  16. Ella Appleyard says:

    I love teddy

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