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How to draw a horse’s head

Welcome to the wonderful world of drawing horses! Follow our step-by-step guide on how to draw a horse's head.

Drawing a horse's head

1. Start with three lines marking the base of the ears, the eyes and the nostrils. The distance from the base of the ears to the eyes will be roughly half the distance from the eyes to the nostrils if measured at the middle of the face. The ears are closer together than the eyes and the nostrils are closer together still.

2. Add two lines to mark out the cheek.

3. Draw a circle for the nose. Make sure it’s not placed centrally around the nostrils, as you won’t see much of the nostril furthest away. The lower right-hand quarter of the circle will mark the chin. Add an oval shape for the cheek.

Steps on how to draw a horse's head

4. Now you have a rough outline you can start sketching all the details. Try to make all your lines curve inwards or outwards, rather than travel in straight lines.  Remember that the poll is higher than the base of the ears – the ears don’t sit on top of the head, but on the sides of it.

5. Finally, add the mane and forelock.

6. Now you’re ready to decide if you want to continue with the pencil, or fill in the sketch with pen before colouring it.

Steps on how to draw a horse's head

Top tip – Be careful not to press too hard on the paper or it will be difficult to rub out the lines later. 

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8 responses to “How to draw a horse’s head”

  1. Alex says:

    I am a artist and I really think this is great I’m doing this as a school project and I’m gonna give one to my step dad, but I do think there should be more step to explain

  2. PONYGIRL🐎 says:

    I love drawing so this is great!!!

  3. One of my friends is an amazing drawing and she’s always going on about it i don’t think she can ride for toffe though I hate her so wear not friends I have book on drawing all the breads of horse it’s really cool I got lost on this one and I’ll probably get lost on a video to but these are really good for someone that’s a slightly talented drawer not me but I dont mind I’m just so glad that I got a love and every one keeps saying talent for horse riding it is the best!!!

  4. sophie says:

    Thanks for posting this, I’m using this to decorate a card for someone who recently lost her horse

  5. Sakina says:

    I absolutely love this! But…it would be AWSOME if you made a video too!!!

  6. Makayla says:

    to me it is better like this because, i can draw better, i just have to copy it

  7. Roobyred says:


  8. Leela says:

    This is very helpful but it would be better if you did a video instead then it’ll be a lot easier for everyone. I read your magazines and they are a five star rating from me though.

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