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Take the perfect pic of your pony

Become a pro photographer and take some snaps of yourself with your pony!

Taking the perfect photo of you and your pony

Ever wondered how PONY gets  its gorgeous cover models to look so fab every time? Follow our guide to find out how we do it, and get the perfect pic with your fave pony.

Pony pampering

First things first, your pony needs to look his best! Give him a really good groom all over and use a body brush to work up a shine. Don’t forget to brush his mane and tail and sponge his eyes and nose, too.

Dress to impress

A leather headcollar always looks super-smart, especially in photos, so swap your pony into one. If you don’t have one, look for your neatest nylon headcollar – give it a wipe with a damp sponge if it looks mucky. Plain colours are best, and remember to tuck in any straps and make sure it fits him well. Arrange his forelock and mane so it sits naturally. Use a tidy leadrope that’s not frayed or worn, as this will look messy and distracting in the picture.

A pony in a leather head collar

Top tip

Give your leather headcollar a good clean with saddle soap to make it super-shiny for your pics. 

Pick your place

Even though you and your fave pony will be the main focus of the photo, the background can make a big difference. A messy background looks cluttered and busy. Look for an area with as plain a background as possible and plenty of room for you and your pony.

Light it up

Natural lighting is best for photos – that’s the light from the sun, as opposed to electric lights. Try not to take your photo indoors, as stables and indoor arenas tend to be too dark for good quality photos. Avoid places with a mix of sunshine and shadows, too.

Top tip

Keep the sun in front of your pony when you take the photo. If it’s behind him, it will create a silhouette effect and you won’t be able to see him properly. 

A helping hand

Ask a friend to help you take the perfect picture – you can always return the favour! Ask them to stand just far enough away to get the top half of your body and the whole of your pony’s head in the photo. 

How to take a photo of you and your pony from the right angle

Ponies always look best with their ears forward, so ask your friend to hold a bucket of treats to shake. This will encourage him to prick his ears towards the camera – but watch out for greedy ponies who might try to make a break for it! For these ponies, it’s better to rustle some paper to catch their attention.

Top tip

A good angle is key to a great photograph. Keep the camera or phone at eye level, rather than too low or too high. 


You’ve got your pony looking his best, and your friend’s ready to snap away and take some pics, but it’s easy to suddenly feel quite tense when a camera’s pointed in your direction! Give your arms a shake, relax your shoulders and tuck in under your pony’s neck. Keep a relaxed hold on his leadrope and give your best smile as your friend takes a few pics. 

And there you have it – the perfect pic of you with your fave pony, just waiting to be framed and hung on your wall! 

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5 responses to “Take the perfect pic of your pony”

  1. Lucy Gajczak says:

    thankx for the tip

  2. Amber and Tippie says:

    Another thing you could do to make your pony’s ears prick forward is play a horse whinny sound on your phone.

  3. Olympia Girl says:

    Really good tips. My pony always puts her ears back when we turn the camera on her 😂🏇

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