Skill at arms

Riding with a lance like a knight? Sound good? Well, read on then to find out all about skill at arms!

Tent pegging

The rider gallops towards a 7.5cm wide peg and stabs it with the point of a lance or sword. This can be ridden as individuals, or half sections (two riders abreast), sections (three to four riders abreast) or Indian file (four riders in single file).

Two rings & a peg

Again, performed at a gallop, the rider must remove two rings from a gallows before removing a tent peg from the ground.

Two oranges & a peg

The most fun, and yet most tricky part. The rider has to gallop towards two oranges that are suspended from gallows and slice them in half with a sword! Then, a peg must be removed from the ground. Imagine trying to slice an orange at a gallop!

Skill at arms course (SLR — sword, lance, revolver)

The rider starts off with a sword and jumps two fences and impales two straw dummies. Next they draw pricker or revolver and attempt to burst balloons that are attached to jumps. In the third part, the rider collects a lance and attempts to collect two rings and then remove a peg! Phew! Think you could do it?

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