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What’s your pony personality?

Which of these four ponies are you instantly drawn to? Don’t think about it – just pick the one that appeals to you most, in a split second!

Which pony were you drawn to? It’s time to find out what your choice means!

If you liked Pony One…
… you’re a go-getting, ye-ha rider! Why walk when you can canter? Is that a jump -go for it! What competitions are going on next week, next month, next year? Phew, you can wear out a pony quicker than a horse-walker on overdrive! A positive thinker, you know that working hard at your riding will produce results, and that’s how riders get to the top! Go for it – you’re headed for the big-time, that’s for sure!

If you liked Pony Two…

… this pony probably appeals to all of us, but mostly to someone who just loves to care for ponies. This cute chap is just begging to be cuddled, groomed and pampered. If this pony is your choice, you could be a rider who just enjoys being with ponies, with no ambitions to be the next Mary King – at least, not for now. There’s plenty of time for that later. Take riding at your own pace – and remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare: it’s not always the fastest riders who win the race!


If you liked Pony Three…
… you romantic, you! This beautiful horse could transport its rider to far-away lands – can you imagine riding this horse in the desert? Or perhaps cantering side-saddle in a flowing habit, just waiting for a handsome prince to come and find you? There’s nothing wrong with being a romantic, for dreams are just the beginning of a journey, and journeys have to start somewhere. Follow your instincts, and let horses transport you to those far-away lands inside your head – even if you’re just hacking around the woods in the rain!


If you liked Pony Four…
… you’re a level-headed rider who knows how to balance their life. Yes, you have dreams, but you know that hard work brings its own rewards, and you’re not afraid to get stuck in! Others depend on you and you never let them down – and your loyalty is something your friends appreciate. Ponies love you, too, because they know you’ll treat them with respect. You know what you want, and you’ll find a way to get it, too!

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