Do you have the guts to gallop down the pitch fighting off the opposition? Polocrosse could be for you!


Polocrosse is a fun, fast horse sport that’s a mix of polo and lacrosse. Each rider carries a stick with a net on the end that’s used to catch and carry the ball. It’s a team game so the players pass to other members of their team to try to score goals. 

Did you know?

Polocrosse was first developed in Australia, but is now played all over the world.

Team tactics

Each team has six players, but only three are on the pitch at a time. Like polo, matches are broken up into six to eight minute chukkas, and there can be four, six or eight chukkas in a match. Three players in the team play one chukka while the other three wait on the sidelines, then they swap for the next chukka. Unlike polo, each player is only allowed to compete on one horse throughout the match.

You will need…

  • riding helmet (that meets all current safety standards)
  • sturdy riding boots
  • coloured team tops
  • polocrosse stick
  • sponge rubber ball
  • pony bandages
  • overreach boots

Quick off the mark

The game begins in the centre of the field, with each team lining up behind their number one player – this is called the line out. The ball is then thrown onto the pitch and everyone races to get to it first. Once the ball’s caught or scooped into a net, it’s all about speed! 

Remember this is a team game, so you’ll need help from other players when racing for the goal. Throughout the game, it’s also key to have control of both your pony and stick, as this will make turning, passing and scoring a lot easier.

Did you know?

Like netball, the three team members each have a section of the pitch that they play in. However, all competitors are allowed to ride in the centre of the field too.

Can I play on my pony?

Of course! Any pony can play polocrosse, although ponies who are fast, agile and responsive tend to make the best mounts. If your pony has these qualities you should definitely give polocrosse a try. 

Did you know? 

Polocrosse was originally played indoors and riders could use the walls to bounce the ball back into play. 

Lets get started!

Although polocrosse has been an official Pony Club discipline since 2011, it’s become more and more popular in the last couple of years. If your branch or centre doesn’t have a team yet, why not speak to your instructor and set one up with a group of friends?

Badges on offer

There are two Pony Club competition badges to get your hands on! The Intro to Polocrosse badge is for less experienced members who have just started playing. But, once you understand the rules and are out competing, there’s an advanced one, too.

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