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Shetland Pony Club

Find out all about the ponies in The Shetland Pony Club!

The Ponies
Golden palomino Honeybee may be the smallest pony, but she’s in charge! Her best friend is the chestnut Creme Brulee. Brown Elgin Sunset loves to jump and canter and grey Gordon is also quite feisty – after all, he has competed in the Shetland Pony Grand National!

Hector Moonbeam is a typical Thelwell cute and cuddly type. Muffin loves his Natural Horsemanship training and Nottingham is a rather unusual blue roan and white colour.

Perky Samson is a silver roan who changes colour with the seasons. Silver dun Toffee is not known for his speed, but he is famous for untying his rope and locating the biscuit tin! There’s no mistaking fluffy Prince William with his striking white blaze! At 41 inches high, Teddy Bear is the an inch short of the Shetland max! Piebald Batman can pull a carriage, and is very popular with the boy riders at the Club.

Toby loves cuddles and came to the Shetland Pony Club when his companion died. Skewbald Robin Hood is a fun, safe ride and Billy Boon is the original pony, star of The School Trot! Glamorous Creme Caramel came from a very famous Shetland pony stud, and five-year-old Sundance is still learning the ropes from the older ponies.

Go to shetlandponyclub.co.uk to find out more about Shetland Pony Club and its wonderful ponies.


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