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Marvellous Mary King!

Mary King is an eventing LEGEND! We asked her some quickfire questions to find out more...


Celebrity stars in their eyes or celebrity big brother?
Big Brother, definitely!

Have a refusal or a runout?
Runout, a refusal is much more definite!

False nails or false eyelashes?
False nails!

Would you rather have a curry or a chinese?
Curry – but not too hot!

Chocolate or chips?
Chocolate, of course!

Ben and Jerry’s or Tom and Jerry?
Ben and Jerry’s – every time!

Put on a tail bandage or take off a poultice?
Put on a tail bandage!

Dress sense or common sense?
Common sense

When did you start riding?
When I was six – I was pony-mad!

What was your first pony called?


Favourite eventing venue:

Favourite colour:

Favourite number:
Even numbers

Favourite item of clothing:

Favourite meal:

Favourite TV programme:
Any sports programme!

Favourite book:
Dick Francis novels

Favourite film:

Favourite actor:
Kevin Costner

Favourite actress:
Julia Roberts

Favourite place in the world:
South America


Want to be as succesful as Mary? Try her top tips!

The more prepared you are, the better, so make sure you learn your test thoroughly. There’s nothing more embarassing than getting it wrong!

Walk your lines, not just the fence order. The better your lines are, the more balanced your horse will be going, and the more likely you will be to get a clear round!

Cross country
It’s easy to miss a fence during your course walk, so if there’s a map, check it before you start! Everyone misses a fence at some point, even professionals! Just remember, the most important thing about becoming a top rider is to always follow your dreams!

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