Home News So, how happy is your pony?

So, how happy is your pony?


How do you know if you have a truly happy pony? We have 10 signs that will let you know! 

Keeping your pony happy is sooo important! But do you know all the signs to look out for? Not to worry if you don’t! Team PONY are here to let you know what to look out for.

  1. Seeing your pony’s ears pricked forward means he’s happy, alert and listening. If you notice he’s pinned his ears flat back, it’s a sign he’s not very happy and you should be cautious when around him.
  2. Have you ever thought to check your pony’s nostrils when studying his face? They should be relaxed, soft and round. If he’s unhappy, you’ll notice the nostrils become thin, drawn and tight – crazy!
  3. A droopy lip is a sign your pony is feeling super-relaxed and happy. Not all ponies will display this but when they do, they look sooo adorable!
  4. Do you notice your pony swishing his tail aggressively (and he might even do this when you’re riding him)? If there are no flies around causing this, it’s a good indication that he’s not happy about something. It’s always best to get him checked out by the vet.
  5. When out in the field, he should be relaxed or grazing while his ears flick backward and forward listening to his surroundings. If he’s running around or constantly calling, it’s a very good indication he’s feeling stressed and it’s best to ask an adult to help with him before he hurts himself.
  6. Leaving your pony in the stable overnight can be worrying, as you won’t see him until the following morning. A good way to tell if he’s had a quiet night is to check his bed. It should look how you left it the night before but with added wet patches and droppings. If his bed has been trashed, it could mean he’s been upset during the night. To help avoid him this, always make sure he can see other ponies, that he has plenty of food and water and that he’s not too hot.
  7. A happy pony will have a soft, relaxed eye. Widening of the eyes or seeing the whites of the eye means he’s feeling anxious or worried.
  8. Knowing your pony’s character when you ride him is sooo important. Some ponies can be cheeky and throw in a buck or leap from time to time to show you they’re having a good time but if this isn’t normal for your pony, it’s best to have him checked over by the vet, as it could be a sign he’s trying to let you know something’s wrong.
  9. Yawning doesn’t mean he’s trying to tell you he’s bored. It’s actually a sign he’s feeling calm and relaxed around you.
  10. Knowing your pony’s droppings might not be the most fun job in the world but it is something you should try to do. Fully formed droppings indicate he’s happy and healthy, whereas loose droppings can indicate he’s feeling stressed or is having digestive issues. Either way, it’s best to investigate further.

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