Speed up your yard chores!

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Want to get your chores done in double-time so you have more time riding? Follow our tips to find out how!


1. Multitask

Don’t waste time waiting around for your water buckets to fill up. Why not see how much of the yard you can sweep before the buckets are full?


2. Plan ahead


If you’re always rushing to get your pony fed in the morning before school, get organised! Make up his meals the day before and put covers on them, then all you have to do in the morning is give it to him. Easy!


3. Order your chores


Think about the order you do your chores in – is it as efficient as it can be? For example, don’t sweep the yard before you fill up haynets, otherwise you’ll just have to sweep the yard again.


4. Use teamwork


Get all your yard friends together to get communal chores done in half the time. If you’re all sweeping the yard it’ll only take a couple of minutes, instead of one person taking 15 minutes!


5. Keep a routine


Stick to mucking out and feeding your pony at the same time each day. Leave him a few hours later than usual and you’ll be shocked by how much messier his stable is!

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