British native breeds

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Do you know all the British native breeds? Find out more about them and where they’re from

British native breed ponies grazing



Height 12–13.2hh

Colours Most are born black and turn grey, but they can be black or bay

Origin Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Eriskay pony originated from Scotland


Height 13–14.2hh

Colours Black, bay, brown, grey, chestnut or dun

Origin Scottish Highlands and Islands

Native Highland ponies


Height Up to 10.2hh

Colours All colours except spotted

Origin Shetland Isles, Scotland

Shetland pony, native to Scotland


Height 17–18hh

Colours Bay or brown with white markings

Origin Lanarkshire, Scotland

Clydesdale horses


Cleveland Bay

Height 16–16.2hh

Colour Bay and no white other than a small star

Origin Yorkshire, England

British native breed Cleveland Bay


Height 14–14.2hh

Colours Black, brown, grey, bay or roan

Origin Derbyshire, England

Dales pony British native breed


Height 13.2–14.2hh

Colours Black, bay, brown or grey

Origin Cumbria, England

Fell pony


Height  16–17.2hh

Colours Black, brown, bay, grey or roan

Origin Leicestershire and Lincolnshire, England

Shire horses


Height 12.2–14.2hh

Colours Black, brown, bay and chestnut

Origin Norfolk, England

Hackney horse

Suffolk Punch

Height 15.3–17hh

Colour Chestnut

Origin Suffolk, England

Suffolk Punch, England native breed

New Forest

Height  12–14.2hh

Colours Mostly bay, chestnut or grey

Origin Hampshire, England

Now Forest ponies


Height Up to 12.2hh

Colours Mostly bay, but can be any colour

Origin Devon, England

Dartmoor pony native to England


Height 11.2–12.3hh

Colours Bay, brown or dun with mealy muzzle, eyes and flanks, but no white markings

Origin Somerset and Devon, England

Native breed Exmoor ponies


Welsh ponies and cobs

Height Section A under 12hh, Section B and C 12.3–13.2hh, and Section D over 13.2hh

Colours Any colour except piebald and skewbald

Origin Wales

Welsh pony breed



Height  12.2–14.2hh

Colours Bay, brown, grey chestnut, dun or roan

Origin Connemara, Ireland

Connemara pony

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  1. There’s loads of natives at my stables I luuuuuuuuurve them

  2. Emma Helliar says:

    Nice to see the Eriskay pony included. I have a 28 year old gelding called Mouse, but hardly anyone has heard of them!


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