Winter top tips!

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Up your skills with our winter top tips. Are you ready for winter? When the temperature drops both you and your pony need to ensure you're ready for the cold spell. Here's a checklist.............

  • Get your pony’s teeth checked regularly. If he isn’t grinding up his feed properly, he may not be getting all the nutrients and energy. Food is energy and energy is warmth – a necessity in winter!
  • Make sure there is shelter for your fave pony in his field so he can get out of the wind and rain.
  • Remove your pony’s rug each day, groom him and then put it back on so that his rug doesn’t start to rub at all.
  • Some ponies don’t like to drink very cold water so top up your pony’s buckets with warm water.
  • Keep your pony’s hooves in good condition. Well-trimmed hooves will chip less, hold less snow, and provide better grip on slippery ground.
  • Keep your pony as naturally as possible. Your pony will be happy and you’ll have less stable chores to do.
  • If your pony drinks a lot of water overnight, use a plastic dustbin instead of water buckets.
  • Make sure that you have at least one spare turnout rug, particularly if your pony lives out, in case it gets soaked through.
  • Have a good torch at the yard, in case of a powercut with the winter weather.
  • Do as much as you can in the morning if you are on DIY so you can ride in the evening after school.
  • If you can’t ride your pony for a few days because of the weather, remember to adjust his feed rations accordingly.
  • Be safe and be seen. Wear high viz at all times when hacking out on your pony!
  • Be careful about hacking out in the snow. The snow can hide ruts and ditches from your sight.

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