How to… roll a leadrope!

Posted in Stable Management

Always wondered how to make the perfect rolled-up leadrope? We'll show you how!

When you’re not using your leadrope to tie up your fave pony, why not store it neatly and tidily? Team PONY does! And we’re going to show you exactly how to do it – follow the fab step-by-step picture guides below and give it a go! Your mates will be sooo impressed.



Step 1

From the clip end, double a quarter length of the rope back on itself.






Step 2

Start to wind the loose end of the rope tightly around itself, starting from the clip end.






Step 3

Continue all the way down the rope until you just have a small loophole left at the bottom.








Step 4

Pass what’s left of the loose rope through the loop to secure your rolled rope!





And there you have it – that’s one neat leadrope!


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