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Want more time to spend in the saddle? Who doesn't! Team PONY give you some top tips to speed up our chores.

Wheelbarrow stacking
Stack your wheelbarrow as you fill it – don’t just chuck dirty bedding in. If you do it properly, you’ll not only make fewer trips to the muck heap, you won’t drop any mess on the yard as you travel, either.

How do you do it?
– Stack muck and bedding into all four corners so that you build upwards like a wall. Throwing it in the middle of the barrow makes a pyramid and everything slide off onto the yard.
– Squash it all down and push the barrow to the heap with the handles low down so that the barrow stays level, keeping your elbows flexible like springs. That way, everything stays in place, even over bumpy ground.
Time saved: 12 minutes

Sweep out the barrow when you’ve finished so that when you stack it up after you’ve used it, dirt won’t fall out onto the yard again.
Time saved: 6 minutes

Mix feeds at the weekend and store in covered containers inside your rodent-proof bins. That will save time every night. BUT only dampen the feed, or add damp ingredients just before giving it to your pony as it will ferment otherwise.
Time saved: 5 minutes a night

Poo pick fields regularly – a few minutes poo-picking a day is better than a dreaded marathon at the weekend. Much better for the fields, too.
Time saved: 30 minutes a week

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