Tidy up time!

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Make your yard look super-smart with our top tidying tips

Tidy up your yard

The sun is shining, so it’s the perfect time of year for a big cleaning session. Grab your best pals and get started – your yard will be looking spick and span in no time! 

Top tip!

The more people you can get involved, the better, as many hands make light work! You could even play some music to help you through.

  1. Hang up headcollars, haynets and hoses and put away any small items that have been left on the floor. Larger items, such as grooming kits and storage trunks, are usually OK on the yard, but smaller objects can become trip hazards as well as making the yard look a whole lot messier! Tying up leadropes on headcollars will look extra tidy, too!
  2. If possible, allocate areas for each person on the yard to store their hay, feed, tack and other kit. Labelling these means it’s super-clear and you’ll be able to identify the messier people!

  3. Scrub out all the feed bowls and stack them neatly in the feed room ready for dinner time. Making sure your pony’s bowl is free from dried-up food means he’s less likely to be fussy with his food, too.

  4. Use a brush or soft broom to remove cobwebs from your pony’s stable. Not only will this help keep his respiratory system healthy, it’ll make your yard look on point.

  5. Clean the windows using a sponge and some warm, soapy water – make sure you dry them so you don’t get water marks! You could also use a soft brush to wash the stable doors and maybe even repaint the woodwork if it’s in need of a touch up, but always check with your yard owner first.

  6. If your arena is in need of some TLC, you could rake the sides to level out the track or even clean your jumps! If your wings and poles are wooden, you could jazz them up with a touch of paint. 

  7. Get everyone to organise their kit and throw away, or upcycle, any old and unwanted items. Storing all your horsey items in boxes or bags not only spruces up your yard, it keeps them in top condition, too. 

  8. Hang up signs to encourage everyone to keep their areas, as well as communal ones, tidy. 

  9. Sweep up the whole yard, including the feed room, hay barn and outside all the stables. Use a rake to tidy up any gravelled areas. If everyone keeps on top of their areas each day, this part won’t take too long. Be sure to sweep the feed room daily, too, to help prevent rodents from moving in.

  10. Ask an adult to help you dig up weeds and dispose of any rubbish lying around.



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